Today rain | to welcome a spring rain, to wait for spring

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The connotation of the rain solar term, is “the east wind thawing, snow and ice are scattered for water, and rain, so the name rain”.In other words, the rainwater solar term is named after the melting of snow and ice.After melting, part of it becomes water flowing from the earth, and part becomes rain falling from the sky.Therefore, the rain water term is the sequel of the “east wind thaw” of the beginning of Spring. The beginning of spring is the beginning of thaw, and the rain water is the comprehensive melting.Today, Zhuhai will see a significant drop in temperature and continuous rain for several days.Under the support of rain and north wind, the body will feel wet and cold for a long time. For more than three consecutive days, 70-80 hours, it will be the longest and coldest time since February 2018.We should pay attention to warm, care for the elderly and children at home beware of cold.The rain term marks the beginning of rainfall and the gradual increase of rainfall. As the saying goes, “Spring rain is as expensive as oil”. Appropriate precipitation is very important for the growth of crops.Rain, busy spring ploughing, it is ready to spring sowing good time.Farmers are busy turning fields, buried weeds and other deep underground, after a bubble of rain, is the best organic fertilizer crops.02 the so-called “zhandaose” is to stir glutinous rice flowers to predict the harvest of Nian Daose.As an important solar term at the beginning of spring ploughing, on the day of rain, farmers in South China often stir fried glutinous rice to predict the harvest. The more glutinous rice flowers burst, the better the harvest.Hui Niang House is a popular custom in the west of Sichuan.When it comes to rain water, married daughters will bring jars of meat, chairs and other gifts to visit their parents and thank their parents for their upbringing.”Sky street light rain run such as crisp, grass color distant see close but no.”Rain is a poetic season. Spring under Han Yu’s pen, even if it is only a touch of fresh green in the drizzle, gives people an infinite sense of vitality.Zhao Zi, Zhuhai Media Group/Photo “Ten mu of wild pond to catch visitors, a xuan spring rain chess against the monk.Between the flowers drunk let huang Yingyu, pavilion Yin peep from egrets.”The songs of birds, wild ponds, chess games, and the works of Wei Zhuang, a poet of huabian School, add a little more free and easy to the artistic conception of spring.Photo by Yang Wenjun, Zhuhai Media Group “Spring rain is as expensive as oil.”The arrival of rain reminded zhuhai people that it was time to plan for life in the New Year.A year’s plan depends on spring, spring sowing will have autumn harvest.Let us together, live up to the time, to run.Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhuhai Hospital treatment center director of traditional Chinese medicine Doctor Cheng Jiehui introduced, rain health should take shelter from wind and cold, cold and wet as the key.Early spring is warm and cold, the weather is changeable, the elderly should be careful to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, so we should pay special attention to keep warm.Moisture-proof dehumidification protect ankang humid weather, waist and knee disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, as well as a variety of soft tissue rheumatism prone to repeated or aggravated symptoms.Use hygroscopics and dehumidifiers in time to keep the room dry and cool, or use air conditioning or special dehumidifier to dehumidify, so as to avoid furniture mildew and cold clothing.Less greasy stomach light meal more friends pay attention to eat vegetables to reduce greasy, snacks after meals should not be greedy, full meal can be appropriate to drink barley tea, orange pu, flower tea and other sluggish xingpi.Rainwater diet prescription 01 Hawthorn dark plum stagnation tea hawthorn 10 grams, dark plum 10 grams, grain bud 10 grams, malt 10 grams, rock sugar amount.After all the herbs are washed, put them into a clay pot, add 600 ml of water, bring to a boil with high fire, turn to a low fire, and then add rock sugar after cooking for 20 minutes.Shengjin quench thirst, appetizer and stagnation.Kumquat millet porridge 20 grams, Gordon ox seed 100 grams, millet 50 grams, a little ginger.The kumquat will be washed and sliced, Gordon urox and millet washed clean, and then put all the ingredients together into the pot, add the right amount of water, the fire boiled, switch to small fire boiled into thick porridge.Invigorate the spleen and stomach, soothe the liver and regulate qi.Source/synthesis CCTV news, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Zhuhai Media Group editor/xiao Wen