Historic breakthrough in environmental improvement!In 2021, the average concentration of PM2.5 in Tianjin will drop 20.4 percent from the previous year

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The average PM2.5 concentration dropped 20.4 percent over the previous year, and the number of days with good air quality increased by 25…In 2021, Tianjin made another historic breakthrough in environmental improvement.The proportion of blue and green space in the first-level green ecological barrier control zone has been increased to over 65%, and nearly 300 square kilometers of large-scale ecological zones have been formed…Steady progress has been made in the major “871” ecological project, and the carbon sink capacity of ecosystems has significantly increased.Systematic measures to reduce pollution, expand blue and green, and increase carbon sinks have a comprehensive effect.The city during the two sessions, representatives in combination with the government work report, talk around environment “both sensible and numbered” positive change, heated further strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, with higher standards play the blue sky, clear water, pure land battle, improve regional ecological functions, do a good job in our city “double carbon” promote green happiness of the people.In recent years, The city has vigorously promoted the construction of the “871” major ecological project, striving to create a landmark “model” of green and high-quality development, and the comprehensive benefits have been constantly showing.”In 2021, the water area of qilihai, Beidagang, Dahuangbao and Tuanbo wetland nature Reserves will increase by 113.23 square kilometers compared with 2017, with a steady increase in ecological space and habitat quality index.”Wen Juan, deputy to the Municipal People’s Congress and vice president of the Municipal Ecological and environmental Science Research Institute, said that the importance and influence of the city’s wetlands are increasing.11.3 square kilometers of natural resource-rich area in Beidagang Wetland Nature Reserve has been listed in the List of Wetlands of International Importance, and some areas of Beidagang and Qilihai wetland have also been listed in the List of Wetlands of National Importance.With the steady progress of the construction of the green ecological barrier zone, the regional climate has improved significantly, with the average temperature dropping by 5.9% and the relative humidity rising by 9.6%, effectively blocking the formation of the “super-large heat island” in Shuangcheng, Wen said.The carbon sequestration capacity of the zone is 3.3 times higher than the city average.”In the future, as the area of the ecosystem increases, the age of trees increases and the function of the ecosystem continues to improve, the carbon sink is expected to increase further to four to five times the current level.””Ecological construction is important for a long time.In 2021, we successfully completed the first phase of xiqing Section of the Green ecological barrier project, creating a beautiful landscape of interlaced wetlands, lakes and islands, and crisscrossing fields and rice fields in southwest Tianjin.This year, we will strengthen the top-level design of green ecological barriers, expand the area of afforestation, improve management and conservation, introduce diversified industries, prioritize the layout of zero-carbon industrial clusters, and enhance the carbon sequestration capacity of green land, lakes, wetlands and other natural ecosystems and the development level of green industries.”City people’s Congress delegate, xi Qing district party secretary Li Qing said.”At present, the west Green Section of the green ecological barrier has achieved good ecological, economic and social benefits, and plays an important role in leading the whole region to adhere to the ecological priority, green and low-carbon high-quality development road.”Li qing introduced that Xiqing District will further improve the service capacity of the green ecological barrier area, and strive to build nine projects including afforestation, green agriculture, industrial transformation, cultural tourism, and carbon sink highland.Further optimize the industrial structure, vigorously promote the construction of green and low-carbon city, and contribute to the “green actions” of Xiqing for accelerating the construction of “five modernized Tianjin”.The “dual carbon” initiative is sure to take the initiative to establish and improve the carbon peak carbon neutral “1+N” policy system, accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation of the energy structure, accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system, vigorously promote green buildings and prefabricated buildings…The Report on the Work of the Government has made systematic arrangements for promoting low-carbon development.”In recent years, Tianjin has adhered to the new development concept, and has taken the lead in reaching carbon peak and carbon neutrality.City CPPCC member Diao Licheng has been paying attention to the progress of the city’s “double carbon” work.He introduced to reporters, last year, the city science and Technology bureau organized the carbon peak carbon neutrality science and technology major special “opening list in charge”, the city development and Reform Commission carried out the industrial park green low-carbon cycle development comprehensive service action, some universities also set up carbon neutrality research institute…”These practical measures have brought us closer to the” dual carbon “goal, and served as a demonstration and publicity role for the whole society, helping to build consensus on green and low-carbon development.”Diao Licheng said.”As a municipality directly under the Central Government and one of the first low carbon pilot cities, Tianjin should take the lead in exploring the optimal ‘dual carbon’ path and take the lead in realizing the ‘dual carbon’ goal.”The city to attend the CPPCC meeting, the city CPPCC member, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences researcher Niu Guimin around the realization of the “double carbon” goal, brought a number of proposals.”The Report on the Work of the Government has clearly defined the direction of carbon emissions in this year’s key work. It also provides good guidance for us to participate in the deliberation and administration of state affairs, play the role of think tanks, and fulfill our duties.”Niu guimin said.”We will follow the requirements of the central government’s deployment and advance the dual carbon policy in a scientific and systematic way.”Diao licheng suggested strengthening the integration of electricity trading, energy trading and carbon emission trading.”At present, Tianjin should establish a ‘carbon inclusive’ mechanism as soon as possible.”In its proposal, the Jiusan Society municipal Committee believes that the “carbon inclusive” mechanism will help accelerate the realization of the “dual carbon” goal.”Carbon inclusion” quantifies the green and low-carbon behaviors of individuals, small and micro enterprises in the form of emission reduction, and forms a positive guiding mechanism for green and low-carbon development through commercial incentives, policy incentives or the combination of emission reduction trading.”Eco-cities can be piloted first.As a national whole-region tourism demonstration zone, a national smart city and a pilot project to build a ‘waste-free city’, the eco-city has released a relatively complete smart city index system and ecological index system, providing a basic guarantee and rich application scenarios for the implementation and promotion of ‘carbon inclusive’.””The core of achieving the ‘dual carbon’ goal is to remove the ‘carbon lock’.”Niu Guimin believes that the technical path to remove the “carbon lock” in Tianjin should focus on the decarbonization revolution of the city’s energy supply, consumption and emission systems, which can be summarized as follows: on the basis of controlling the total amount and growth rate of energy consumption, electricity decarbonization, terminal electrification, energy saving and efficiency improvement, and emission greening.According to Niu guimin, lifting the “carbon lock” in key areas such as energy, industry, construction and transportation is the focus of Tianjin’s efforts to achieve the “double carbon” goal.In the energy sector, we should increase the proportion of outsourced green electricity, encourage the development of distributed photovoltaic and wind power, and reduce carbon dependence.The industrial sector should increase carbon avoidance, reduce carbon storage, and dilute “carbon lock”;Life cycle carbon reduction in the construction sector;Transportation and transportation should realize low carbon structure, intelligent, and improve carbon efficiency.”Lifting the ‘carbon lock’ and achieving the ‘dual carbon’ goal will involve all aspects of urban planning, construction, management, operation, production and life, and require the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and the public.”She said.(Reporter Zhou Zhiqiang, Han Wen and Zhang Qing)