Derun School, Quewen District: School bag, full of expectations

2022-05-30 0 By

Epidemic situation suddenly tightened, on March 11, DE embellish of kuiwei district school campus did not have in the past the shadow of the students, the teachers are busy every corner of the school, meeting arrangement epidemic prevention and control, collective lesson preparation online teaching, to develop learning schedule that occupy the home, ready to parents meeting content, check and epidemic prevention materials reserves, to carry out the comprehensive health disinfection…Faced with the sudden requirement to study at home, some students in the middle school reported that they encountered unexpected difficulties: after finishing their homework yesterday, they left all the backpack materials in the classroom. What can they do?In order to send the books and materials back to the students as soon as possible, Derun School middle School teachers with the principal and deputy head teachers as the main force, all the teachers as volunteers, spent an afternoon to each student’s school materials and items all packed, classified and packed, labeled, unified sent to the parents.Bags of school supplies leaving the school, full of school teachers for students to study at home eager expectations.At the moment of fighting against the epidemic, the act of packing and sending books fully reflects derun teachers’ spirit of responsibility as well as the concept of student-oriented, which closely links the hearts of teachers, students and parents. Parents and students are deeply moved, and further cohesion of the joint efforts of the school.