A shares: what happened, the market rose, 2794 stocks fell, market trend outlook

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The market on Monday out of the deep V process, barely turned red after the close, although there are many signs of rebound throughout the whole day, but the theme of the weight of the decline increased the strength of the GEM adjustment, after the close of the market rose 0.07%, the GEM fell 1.66%, obviously there is not only a serious divergence of funds in the market, the index also began to differentiate.And harden stocks to keep more than 70, drop stop shares more than 30 end today, shows that the present field has entered the should move, risk rising opportunity continues to ferment, at the same time simply to spread fear a drop in the gem will ignore the market strength, blindly consider the broader market fell upside, may ignore the risk of subject concept continue to adjust.What happened? The market went up and 2,794 stocks went down?Monday’s move was a stage of irrational decline, or it could be said that some sectors dragged down the market, as the Hang Seng index did not underperform.Morning regardless of the market or gem are diving low open rhythm operation, both left a gap.Although the market has filled the upper gap, but the GEM is still subject to the gap and maintain shock.So what happened, the market went up and 2,794 stocks fell?There are actually two reasons.The first reason: brewing plate negative news fermentation.Wine plate fell on Monday before, although Maotai late rebound to the market rose to bring an assist, but wine plate today’s decline on the greater impact of sentiment.And Moutai in the market value of the larger, the morning fell once dragged down the market, a great extent to the day’s mood impact.In addition to the possible impact of the epidemic situation on the performance of the wine sector in the later period, the market feels that moutai’s new e-commerce platform is about to be launched may impact the interests of distributors. After the price of Moutai wine dropped across the board, Moutai suffered a heavy fall. Not only the relevant wine stocks also followed the adjustment, but some plates also followed the decline.In addition, the concept of new energy vehicles increasingly serious divergence of funds, profit plate a wind to accelerate the selling behavior, Ningde fell again to 3%, a certain extent to the gem rebound suppression, some of the weight plate collective fall caused by Monday’s stock and index differentiation.Second reason: big financial plate continue to protect.Early opening only an hour, the brokerage sector in the index down in a straight line, from 1.20% down to 0.26% closed.Brokerages rose after the bank began to respond, the market from breaking 3200 points to breaking again 3200 points is still the protection of funds to hold the index to avoid further heavy falls, stocks had more than 4000 fell until the close of only 2794 fell.And Monday’s decline in the market also filled the early gap, the early irrational downward cooling in the afternoon, then gem left a gap in the top probability will increase the market to fill the gap expectations.In particular, the northbound capital outflow for five consecutive days changed the normal net inflow of 5.03 billion yuan, indicating that market sentiment and capital have changed.Two reasons caused the market rose, 2794 stocks fell, but the green market turned red, the attitude of the north capital change, big financial protection behavior, to a certain extent, reduce the market continued to fall expectations.Trend outlook, change in the approach!First of all, the fall of this round belongs to the second step trend, once the market needs to continue to rise to the protection point is difficult to fall.The market protection point at 3200 points, the gem protection point probability at 2500 points, because today’s market adjustment of the gem weight shares of the performance is very general, that the short-term decline did not expand the gem risk.And the market to 3200 points as a rebound point, tomorrow, Tuesday change in the approaching, large probability is the market rose, gem to follow the trend of rising, today’s peripheral market trend is better, the short-term index caused by the decline of some plate bad news volatile index will return to the rational stage.Secondly, the weekend good news is quite a lot, but the trend is still unstable, it can be seen that the will to chase up is not strong, the turnover every day there are signs of contraction, the market fell contraction, increase volume is not obvious, suggesting that the wide shock trend has not changed.Integer bit breakthrough and broken bits, 3400 points or 3200 points need weight, 3200 has become a watershed, so there are many bad news is not continuous fermentation, index of short-term volatility, medium-term also to index into a period of wide range have confidence, after all, now the problem is the mood has not yet been fully restored.Finally, the market in March only three trading days, Friday belongs to April trend, listed companies have disclosed the annual report, the current market there is capital transfer positions after the second quarter is expected to pick up signs, after the April quarterly report and annual report performance speculation is expected to come, the probability of the index down eased.Therefore, 1, the market to speed up the uptrend of the protection of the whole number of funds more firmly, conducive to the index down again after the uptrend, tomorrow the three indexes will return to the rational trend, continue to deduce the pattern of force up;2, wide shock market is still forming, the current part of the plate after volatilization will continue to go out of the oversold rebound stage.The market analysis involved in this article is for reference only, not as an investment basis, the stock market has risks, investment needs to be cautious!