The cloud tech giant has stepped up its efforts to promote China’s technological innovation by launching a community for female entrepreneurs

2022-05-29 0 By

Growth of China’s rich resources of science and technology innovation and its huge potential is more and more get the attention of domestic and overseas giant, recently, amazon’s cloud technology announced a new female entrepreneur community projects, aimed at various fields of women entrepreneurs to build a communication platform for a long time, help the community of women entrepreneurs to realize resources sharing and mutual create, assign to the long-term development of the women entrepreneurs.”Today’s entrepreneurs could be tomorrow’s unicorns.Whether it’s Uber or Netflix, or IQiyi or Ctrip in China, they were once start-ups and have grown into successful companies in China and the world.”Said Yi Chang, amazon’s global vice president and executive director of Amazon Cloud Technology greater China.According to a white paper titled “Equal Development and Sharing: The Development and Progress of Women’s Cause in the Past 70 Years of New China” released by The State Council Information Office, the proportion of women starting businesses in science and technology in China has reached 55 percent, and more and more outstanding female entrepreneurs are emerging.The launch of the “Women Entrepreneurs Community” is another step in Amazon’s long-standing enabling mechanism for cloud technology start-ups.The flagship program under the community, The Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator Camp, will be launched in the second quarter of 2022.Through the two-day program, Amazon Cloud Technology will share Amazon’s innovation culture and innovative approach, and invite experts in related fields to share industry insights and technical know-how to help women entrepreneurs accelerate business innovation and development.In addition, women entrepreneurs can learn more about their experiences and lessons in the development process through visits and exchanges between community member companies.Elaine chang said: “we are in the amazon cloud when they have a vision of science and technology, is to let all the people who just started their innovation trip, no matter when and where, even if it is only in the dormitory, or garage, are able to obtain and large enterprises as well as advanced infrastructure, and at very low cost to implement their own innovation.I hope that with our help, all start-ups will have the opportunity to become tomorrow’s ‘giants’.That vision has never changed.”In Chang’s view, the digital transformation of industries also needs “fresh blood” from start-ups to empower new solutions and build new ecosystems.For example, we are familiar with the “new, Four modernizations” transformation of traditional automobile enterprises in the automobile industry. This process is simply a collision between the traditional automobile industry and the Internet industry. The transformation process needs fresh “Internet blood” and innovative enterprises to provide cutting-edge Internet solutions.As a long-time active investor in Chinese enterprise services and technological innovation, Gao Cheng Capital Hong Jing, who participated in the dialogue and discussion on the same day, believes that technological innovation is the fundamental driving force of social development, but also an important driving force of economic growth.”Currently, less than 10% of the world’s $10 billion software companies come from China, which is a huge market opportunity.”, she thinks, cloud computing is such a platform that can help start-ups succeed more rapidly, not only greatly reduces the SaaS start-up business cost, and can help them concentrate on their own professional field, focus on industry division and subdivision scenarios, and make the delivery and customer purchase cost reduction, create more value to the customer,So as to further promote technological innovation and develop new applications.