One day an idiom: resolute wooden

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Gang: strong.Y: Resolute.Wood: rustic.Slow: slow in speech, here it means careful in speech.It means a strong character, plain, not good at words.Zi Lu, Analects of Confucius: “The Master said, ‘Rigidity, fortitude, wood, nerdness, close to benevolence.Confucius said, ‘Fortitude, determination, simplicity, and prudence, these four virtues are close to benevolence.'” Confucius put benevolence in the same category as simplicity.Here, first of all, there must be firmness, and then there must be prudence, which approaches the highest state of benevolence.This view is completely consistent with the consistent thought of Confucius.They were all stiff men, not good at words, and together they lifted their sacks and took a swig, saying nothing at all.When evaluating a person’s creativity, we should not only pay attention to the students who talk eloquently, but also pay attention to the students who are “stiff and dull”.The latter may be the truly creative ones.Guess the idioms according to the information from the pictures below.Come to the challenge!One, two, three, four, five, leave your answer in the comments!