Nanyang 13 Middle East Campus held the opening ceremony of spring 2022

2022-05-29 0 By

On the beginning of the New Year, everything has been renewed.Plum blossom fragrance, and welcome the back-to-school season.On the afternoon of February 18, all teachers and students of Nanyang 13 Middle East Campus gathered together to hold the opening ceremony of spring 2022 and the summary and commendation ceremony of autumn 2021.The meeting was presided over by Liu Yuanyuan, director of the school office.Meeting for the awards ceremony, by the guidance place Zhao Jianghua read 2021 autumn period of the final exam, director of the list of outstanding students and class, student affairs office jun-rong Chen, director of the read out integrated management of advanced, miyoshi students, outstanding class cadre, civilized dormitory, outstanding moral education work list, execute the principal chuan-yang wang and your teacher in charge teacher award-winning classes and award winning students respectively.MAO Chenxu, the outstanding student representative of Class 72, said that he would continue to strive for excellent results with sweat and efforts to interpret the spirit of “unwilling to mediocrity, the pursuit of excellence” in No.13 Middle School.Cheng Fan, the head teacher of Class 72, gave a speech on behalf of outstanding teachers. She gave the students four words: “Strict self-discipline, learn to think, act immediately, insist on”, encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams bravely.Director Chen Junrong spoke on behalf of the school.Director Chen reviewed the last semester students in life, learning, ideological growth and harvest, with the spirit of winter Olympic athletes to encourage students in the east campus to set goals, maintain love, not afraid of hardship, every crown will win, every one will fight, and put forward more detailed security, etiquette and other requirements.Director Chen’s speech is simple and insightful, with clear requirements and ardent expectations.Years emerged must struggle, time is beautiful don’t waste.The new semester, a new starting point, a new journey, let us write the good wishes in today, the ideal of life engraved on today, concentric, peer, with virtue, hard work, together towards a better future, together write the most beautiful music of 13 middle school education group!(Writing by Liu Yuanyuan/Editing by Chen Xiaoguo)