Lenovo wisdom training solutions appear in Yang Yang’s Winter Olympics

2022-05-29 0 By

Beijing Business Daily (reporter Jin Zhaili) On February 11, Xinhua News Agency released the program “Yang Yang to visit the Winter Olympics”, broadcast the short track speed skating national team wisdom training solutions video, the screen, athletes wearing insensitive wearing equipment, wisdom management state.They hold tablet computers to master training physical data in real time, while using graphics workstations to analyze ultra-high speed and ultra high definition motion video.On Feb. 5, Lenovo China officially released a smart training animation for the national short track speed skating team, which was used in the Yang Yang Winter Olympics program.In the animation, Lenovo’s ThinkPad computer, tablet computer, ThinkSystem unified storage, ThinkPlus conference tablet and Lenovo’s independent research and development of three lead electrocardiometer.IT is understood that Lenovo’s full line of intelligent products and solutions, including three categories of intelligent equipment: high-performance intelligent terminal equipment, IT infrastructure and intelligent training solutions related products.