Future Campaign: Week 3 of January pass mission detailed walkthrough tutorial

2022-05-29 0 By

Week 3 passes are here again in the future battlegrounds campaign. Are you all done?Now let’s look at the issue of below three specific tasks, the first task, with three pieces of special vegetable, the central Treasury security of a hard disk, the second task has five hunter COINS, the third mission in the barracks area find cuts soldiers file, follow the pace of I teach you to complete this task quickly, save time and effort, archives of soldiers in the camp location area in the middle of the room,Concrete as shown, we came to the first floor of the middle position, entered the room, we will see a table beside the computer has a shiny things, this is the archives of soldiers, three security of a hard disk, such missions in d, d.c., a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, location, as shown here about two location, we came to one of the location, we find this small house,When entering the room, there is a shiny thing on the table on the first floor, which is the security hard disk, and 1-2 of them will be refreshed randomly. If there is no one on the first floor, it will be on the second floor. It is enough for us to collect 3 pieces of hunter gold coins, and it is difficult to find 5 pieces of hunter gold coins.Target area mainly including near Chester and white between MALL road, we found the house roof with solar panels, in which we will see a shiny things, this is the hunter COINS, the location distribution near the house as shown, we according to this map carefully looking for, that is pass task in current strategies in detail,I’ll see you next time,