Fengtai District actively carried out snow clearing and ice shoveling to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the city

2022-05-29 0 By

The fengtai District Urban Management Committee took prompt action to clear snow and shovel ice in order to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the city.The broad participation of enterprise to carry out the snow de-icing In view of the significant snowfall, multi-functional snow sweeper, snowmelt car and so on the many kinds of ice snow shovel professional mechanical equipment has been “comprehensive work”, sanitation workers first, focus on increasing the railway station, around the Olympic venues, bridge ramp, overpasses, underground passage snowmelt homework in key areas.As of 11 o ‘clock this morning, the district environmental Sanitation Center has dispatched a total of 2,773 snow plowing personnel, 70 multi-functional snow removal vehicles, 265 snow melting vehicles, 38 sweeper vehicles, 23 other vehicles, 378 snow removal machinery equipment, 188 artificial snow removal equipment, and 951 tons of solid snow melting agent.Communities and towns actively organize social forces such as community volunteers and property companies to carry out snow clearing operations.Mobilize social forces, 2860 people, mobilize social forces unit 265, inspector inspect 130 times, inspector inspect staff 268 people, in the subway entrance, back streets and pedestrian space, inward and outward away snow melting agent, the key areas and roads, Bridges, residential area and the back streets of ice snow shovel work, ensure the safety of the jurisdiction area residents travel.Bike-sharing enterprises also regularly kill vehicles in key areas and clean up the snow on the car body in time to ensure the convenience and safety of citizens.Circulation garden both online and off-line wars wind circulation garden for the first time through the work of deployment work schedule and requirements in garden units launched the emergency response plan in a timely manner, implement enterprise’s main body responsibility, do a good job in ice snow shovel to deal with and work offline organizational mobilization to supervise, in accordance with the “increases with the increasing drop, clear in time, ensure the production, no hidden dangers” standard of work,As of press time, more than 40 people, 8 vehicles and about 4 tons of snow melting agent were dispatched.Currently, during the Winter Olympic Games, snow clearing and ice shoveling are related to the safety of residents’ travel. The Urban Management Committee will actively coordinate and make snow clearing and ice shoveling as a key work to ensure the smooth, orderly and safe operation of the city.Source “Fengtai News” Fengtai District Rong media center correspondent Zhang Yang editor Lin Yao