The timing of China’s “king blast” is crucial, and Britain should have thought of today!The tables turned in a flash

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Since the outbreak of the new champions league wanton spread all over the world, subtle changes have also taken place in the world, international status in the western world, led by the United States began to decline, domestic inflation, the supply is shortage of products lead to economic malaise, in contrast, China, even during the outbreak of the Chinese economy still showed a trend of continued growth, rapidly improve China’s international status,However, this has made the Western world feel threatened by China, and they have increased their pressure on China in order to hinder China’s development., of course, also have a large part of the country in the world is willing to strengthen cooperation with China, common development, such as Argentina, in order to strengthen bilateral exchanges, promote cooperation, Argentina’s President fernandez to attend the Olympics opening ceremony, then a visit to our country, during the china-arab thorough exchange, is a series of problems to strengthen all aspects of cooperation,As for the dispute between Argentina and the UK over the Malvinas Islands, China firmly supports Argentina’s full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and hopes that the two sides will resolve the dispute peacefully.According to the practice of China, the UK immediately respond, wants China to respect the UK for the ownership of the falklands, the behavior is absurd, comprehensive British past all sorts of history, it is a with the encroach on other countries’ land and resources and the rise of the country, upon other countries on the history of life, when to respect the sovereignty,How dare you talk about sovereignty with China now?In fact, the falklands have been originally belong to Argentina, and later by the British colonial expansion of illegal possession, it is close to the international society, even the United Nations has already ruled that malvinas belong to Argentina’s inherent territory, Britain had no right to exercise the malvinas sovereignty, for a long time, the international community has called for the revival of the UK as soon as possible to return the falklands Argentina, but the British still wrong-headed,Continue to forcibly occupy, in fact, this and Britain’s position in the international community gradually declined.As we all know, after the end of the First Industrial Revolution, Britain’s economic strength rose rapidly and became the global “factory of the world”. In order to expand more commodity markets, Britain constantly plundered other countries’ resources and occupied other countries’ markets through colonial expansion. However, in recent years, Britain’s international influence and status have been declining.In order to create the illusion of “leaving the EU and regaining Britain’s status as a great power” at home, the British side will suppress the development of other countries to highlight, especially the Chinese side has always been merciless.For British libel and sanctions, at random, of course, our natural fighting back, in the form of equivalent to the British want to respect their sovereignty behavior in our country, our country government immediately announced to strengthen strategic cooperation relations, the two sides this is definitely a bad news for the UK, hope the UK can learn to respect the sovereignty.(This article is the original view of Fu Jinyu, the picture material from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.)