Our country this 985 university entrance examination preliminary examination score is low, strength stands out, what is the reason

2022-05-28 0 By

The 985 university in our country one’s deceased father grind qualifying examination score is low, the strength to stand out, what the reason is that as these days most of the provinces of the qualifying examination results published, has become the focus of a university, east China normal university, that is to take an examination of the students have released their scores and rankings this year, though their total score is 331 points, but was in eighth place,Some people say that the final score of his specialized course is about 20 points lower than expected. For all eligible online courses, if you fail the specialized course, you are basically not eligible to take the exam again.From the point of the present situation, the professional class scores must be given low, middle, however, in this case, we can draw two conclusions, some netizens believe that given the low middle school is mainly due to the student’s level is not high, apply for middle school students are a lot of all the ordinary university students, and middle school student rate is not high, so keep students motivation is not big,University is a humanities subject, and professional exams are really subjective, so how much score you get depends on the size of the university. The approach of Chinese Normal University is to give more than one score, which means different students have very different opinions.Some students, especially students to take an examination of this year, also has the very strong opinions, have conspiracy theorists even pointed out that middle school have a tradition of scores are imposed on professional class, there are more than 100 students enter oneself for an examination professional interpreting, but no one, of the top students only got 330 points, some people say that the main purpose of this project is to improve the level of the students,Some students agree with the idea of giving the vacant slots to 985 students with poor grades, or graduate students whose undergraduates do not get into prestigious universities such as Fudan and Zhejiang.Under any circumstances, apply for middle school students have got a low score, however, I want to say is, subsection is all university, especially famous university, will no doubt choose the strongest university, when you apply for this university, the most fundamental is to prepare, improve their abilities, university give score low it does not mean that there are any problems,Your exam results will reflect the results of your revision period, since you have chosen this university, you should have no complaints, and if you do get the chance to retake the exam, please be prepared.