Fried noodles with carrot and egg, beautiful and delicious fast rice

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Noodles with carrot and egg and fried sauce are beautiful and delicious. Quick rice.Raw materials: noodle, carrot, egg, pure water, corn starch water, peanut oil, salt, dark soy sauce, chicken essence.Practice steps:Wash step 1, carrots, peeled, dicing, pan heat put proper amount of oil. Add in diced carrots and cooked eggs with a moderate amount of salt and a little soy sauce, stir well, haven’t played ingredients into the pot continues to pour into water, simmer for 10 minutes or so add GouHaoDe cooking starch water, small fire glug, to paste the thin dry, just right, add a little chicken essence seasoning, mix well, turn off the heat.Step 2: Bring the water to boil.Step 3, cook, remove into a bowl, pour sauce.Step 4, mix well ready to eat.Step 5, fragrant, delicious and satisfying!Works of lanxingmei from gourmet world.Do you like this recipe?Welcome to like, comment and forward.Welcome to pay attention to food world, learn food, follow me!