A Playstation player captured a cute scene of a wired controller playing the game

2022-05-28 0 By

The wired versus wireless gamepad debate is an old one. Wired gamepads don’t require charging and have less input latency.Wireless handles are less restrictive and can be moved freely to avoid messy wires.However, one Playstation player recently captured an interesting moment of his own play, giving wired controllers a boost, especially for those who like to keep birds. Take a look.Reddit’s Waterwater77 posted a short video showing him playing a game on a wired PLAYSTATION 4 controller and two birds, one white and one grey, resting on the controller’s cord looking content.The white bird, in particular, was intrigued by the video game, moving along the line to get closer to the camera, most recently poking his head into the handle.The post, titled “Always wired mode”, quickly gained a lot of attention, with passers-by liking it and a new poll on the gamepad mode was held more than 1,200 times.Many thought the video added a reason the wired controller couldn’t refuse, but others said they would never try it because they have a cat at home.