Winter Olympics family episode 30: Cheng Fruit wins the race

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Cheng Yifan cheng fruit and Du Xiaoyu called to the office, along the way to tell du Xiaoyu questions on the field, Cheng fruit is not convinced, said Du Xiaoyu brain is not enough to play, Cheng Yifan was very angry to throw him out.A circle to work very early and cheng Caizi chat, but cheng Caizi’s answer is very perfunctory, a word a word to jump out, a circle took out two concert tickets and she went to see, did not expect cheng Caizi turned his head to pull Cheng Feng together.Cheng Yifan because cheng fruit no athlete’s temperament deeply disappointed, Cheng Long and Ai Xin came to find Cheng Yifan leave said to take cheng Fruit to Shanghai Disney, Cheng Yifan said dont ask for his opinion, he is not a glorious retirement coach.Sun Meiying was startled and quickly let Cheng Long advised, did not find Cheng Long support Cheng Yifan retirement, also want to take Cheng Yifan next week to go to Disney, Cheng Yifan, said to travel around the world.Sun Meiying can see cheng Yifan said angry words, but Cheng Yifan is really disappointed.The circle is still angry because of the concert, accidentally let Cheng Feng heard, Cheng Feng quickly apologize after the change, later to help her and Cheng Caizi deepen mother and daughter feelings, determined to reshape the small family atmosphere.A circle to Cheng Gong and Cheng Caizi hair a team uniform, but also strictly developed a day plan to deepen each other’s feelings, cheng Caizi a face born without love do not know what he did wrong.Cheng Yifan is to make plans for Du Xiaoyu, Cheng fruit next to trouble, Du Xiaoyu mother bought him a lot of snacks said he gave up the game to have the opportunity to du Xiaoyu, Cheng Yifan was almost fit.Friendly competition, Cheng Fruit absent-minded in the audience to eat snacks, Du Xiaoyu also do not want to see the game.Du Xiaoyu lost the game, we are all a little disappointed, cheng fruit ran to find Cheng Yifan apology, did not expect for snacks, Cheng Yifan angry again, but cheng fruit want to think to also dont know why Cheng Yifan angry.Fraternity, the little strawberry more think more wrong want to understand the reason cheng Fruit not to participate in the audition, he is cold feet, Du Xiaoyu a person lost, in fact, everyone lost.There is a foreign child satire Du Xiaoyu, cheng fruit will agree and he than once.Cheng Caizi ran for help cheng Feng, Cheng Feng promised a circle can only speak to the circle, cheng Caizi angrily walked away.Cheng guoshu won the game to the cheers of the house.Cheng Caizi do not want to participate in the family group to build, Cheng Feng appeared at this time to save cheng Caizi, a round face speechless.After winning the game cheng fruit also understand the sense of honor athletes, decided to follow Cheng Yifan practice speed skating champion.