Loathe to see you leave!Shaun White: I left snowboarding behind

2022-05-27 0 By

“I’m relieved it’s over,” snowboarding legend Shaun White said after the halfpipe final, which ended in the morning. “I was hoping for a better performance in the last event of my career.”As the defending champion, Shaun White missed out on the podium in the final race of his career, finishing fourth with 85 points.But five Winter Olympics and three gold MEDALS have made him an absolute legend.It was moving to see Shaun White at the finish line after the race watch the young riders, many of whom had followed in his footsteps into the world of snowboarding, take their glory.Shaun White has certainly done his part, as he put it: “I leave behind me a long career and my beloved snowboarding, and I leave behind my legacy.”Tributes to Shaun White poured in: “You will always be a legend.””Reluctant to see you leave, legend will never end!””Heartbroken, you are an admirable god, the god of veneer.”