How often should the latex mat be washed

2022-05-27 0 By

How long does latex mat wash generally speaking latex mat is cleaned before use, clean after using.When using emulsion mat is usually in the summer or the temperature is higher, generally only when I sleep will also use to rubber mat, there seems little point in clean at ordinary times, so rubber mat is generally used before cleaning and after cleaning, in addition, if it is a dirty sheets, also can be clean.With latex mat below still need to spread the thing according to individual habit decision.According to the habits and customs, in the general population in front of the shop mat can spread things under the mat, rubber mat is not exceptional also, if you want to be under a rubber mat laid thing, also can, but need to pay attention to, don’t too much, rubber mat is soft, some simple shop is ok, too much function also is not big.Can latex mat drop powder still be used latex mat drop powder is a kind of aging performance normally, the proposal can undertake change.The material of latex mat is relatively soft, generally speaking, latex mat drop powder is caused by aging, drop powder on the one hand will cause a lot of powder dust of latex mat inside the home, on the other hand, there will be sleep when the body will be touched with latex mat crumbs, will also cause a certain degree of trouble to life.