Henan: marry daughter dowry all back to also dowry 66 thousand, net friend: marry out don’t want to come back

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There was a debate on an online variety show, “I am an independent woman, should I receive bride price?”This issue caused a lot of hot discussion among netizens at that time, until today, the discussion on this issue has not stopped, even intensified.About bride price In ancient times, bride price can be regarded as a kind of compensation from the man to the woman.In ancient times, labor was a valuable asset in an agrarian society.And when two families get married, the woman loses a labor force, while the man gains a labor force.Therefore, the ancient bride price can be regarded as the man’s compensation for the woman’s loss of labor force.In fact, no matter whether you are an independent woman or an independent man, betrothal gift is a hurdle that many people cannot get around before getting married.This is because betrothal price is not related to gender. Although betrothal price seems to be a matter of one person and one family, it is actually a matter for both men and women to think about.The reason why it is called “a barrier” is not only because the bride price is no longer a compensation for the woman’s labor loss, nor is it a blessing for the new family, but has gradually “deteriorated”.Some parents have even turned their children’s marriages into a “business”, putting a “price tag” on their children.In order not to “lose money” themselves, they do everything possible.There are more and more controversies about betrothal gifts, as well as more and more farce about betrothal gifts.Perhaps we can put it this way: if you can’t handle the bride price problem, you won’t have a happy marriage.News of a woman’s wedding in Henan province has sparked heated debate online, not so much because of the spectacle, but because of a prominent red sign on the wedding car that says: “Bring back all the bride price, and your family will marry another 66,000 yuan.”And in order to let more people see the brand, the woman directly put the wedding car hanging the brand to the front.As a result, the original ordinary minivan suddenly became the wedding car in the “most beautiful young”, even if other wedding car how expensive how luxurious, in front of this minivan also have to stand back a station.One netizen commented: “The woman’s behavior is so irrational.The divorce rate is so high these days, if the last two people get divorced, wouldn’t it be impossible for their daughter to have any choice?””After you finally get married, you hurry to take back the bride gift, I will also prepare some dowry for you, after you go out, don’t think of coming back.Maybe that’s what her parents were thinking.””This is true love!Don’t worry about their marriage either, isn’t it obvious?If the two people are not true love, if the parents are not sure about the relationship between the two people will do this?No parent would ever cheat their child.””If you don’t take the betrothal gift back, your in-laws and your husband talk about it every day. Take it back. Your in-laws and your husband ask for money every day.The matter could not be handled properly.””Your daughter should bring back all the betrothal gifts.I just don’t tell people so blatantly. I secretly give the money to my daughter.”In fact, although the woman did so may really like the netizens said that her daughter’s retreat “blocked”, but the woman did so for the happiness of her daughter after marriage.First of all, the woman asked her daughter to take back the bride price, and married 66,000 yuan with her. She also made a special sign to tell others about it, just to let her daughter get married gracefully.And it’s not hard to see from the video that the form of the wedding is very special.The bride sat in eight big sedan, and the man sat in the wedding car, although the scene is not particularly big, but the combination of Chinese and Western wedding form is very novel, let a person very envy.Put these two things together and it is not hard to see the woman’s good intentions.In addition, the bride asked her daughter to take back the bride price and also gave her a lot of dowry. The most fundamental purpose of the bride price was to make the in-laws’ family not trouble their daughter, so that the in-laws’ family could treat their daughter well. Moreover, with the money, the daughter and son-in-law’s life pressure would be reduced, and they would not have to worry about making money every day.So you can have more time and energy to strive for a better life.Or as netizens put it: “No parent would cheat their own child.”Should I give the bride price at the end?How much should a bride price be?Should the bride price be brought back?How much should I bring back?These problems have been plaguing all of us.If this problem is not resolved, there is a high risk of planting a “time bomb” in a child’s marriage, and by the time the bomb goes off, it will be too late.So should betrothal gifts be abolished?Opinions vary on this issue, and everyone has their own opinion.In my personal opinion, we should not accept the bride price, but should not take the reason to get married to want as much as the bride price, and even on the wedding day to “earn a fortune”.The bride price is necessary, but the sky-high price is not necessary.But we can not only see the bride price this issue.No matter what, marriage is a couple’s business, it needs both sides to work together, true love always goes both ways.There are more “time bombs” in marriage than dowry.Betrothal gifts are nothing compared with these problems.Marriage is not a business, and it’s not just a bride price.If the couple does not run in well in life, do not take a positive attitude to solve the contradictions in marriage, even if there is no bride price problem will not be happy.Bride price, the important is not how much money, how many things, but in this “gift” on the word.Give it a thumbs up. 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