Fidelity Lexus UX 6000 yuan off 30000 gift pack is hot

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Lexus import hybrid SUV UX 6000 yuan discount!Financial car purchase can enjoy 30% down payment, 0 interest or enjoy the factory subsidy purchase tax policy of half!A variety of financial policies for you to choose!An ID card car loan home!Special line: 0371-55500060;Invitation gift — you can give a beautiful gift if you are invited to visit the car for a test drive.Financial gift –RX Financial car purchase for life basic maintenance;Test drive gift — enter the store customers test drive enjoy a key chain;Car booking gift — customers entering the store can enjoy boutique gift bag, beauty gift bag;Introduction gift — old customers introduce new customers to buy a car to enjoy a Lexus bicycle.Address:Zhengzhou Garden North Road and Lianhuo expressway intersection 1 km west henan Auto Trade Center (Subway Line 2 Jinda Road station B exit) promotion time from April 01, 2022 to April 01, 2022 Lexus UX latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount rangeNational VI28300 yuan 0.600 yuan 27700 yuan 260H exploration · fun edition national VI30300 yuan 0.600 yuan 29700 yuan modified 200 F SPORT edition National VI30200 yuan 0.600 yuan 29600 yuan modified 260H F SPORT editionThe VI32.40 ten thousand yuan to 06000 yuan, 318000 yuan to 260 h F SPORT all-wheel drive countries VI34.90 ten thousand yuan to 06000 yuan, 343000 yuan to 260 h agent version, enjoy the VI38.70 ten thousand yuan to 06000 yuan, 381000 yuan 200Special edition 259,900 yuan 0.600 yuan 253,300 yuan