Evaluation | di beauty water paint how do indeed make “tap water” word of mouth?

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As we all know, the means that metope decorates has a lot of, and emulsioni paint with price, decorate the comprehensive strength of each respect such as effect and environmental protection sex, become a kind of cost performance is highest.For latex paint production enterprises, blindly marketing is not desirable, down-to-earth to do a good job in each product is the most important.In recent years, we are not difficult to find that many latex paint manufacturers continue to innovate and update products, although environmental protection is the first premise, but product performance is also the focus of research and development.Especially for Dike beauty, on the basis of environmental protection, will be mildew-proof antibacterial, scrub and other performance outstanding optimization, vigorously updated in color, word of mouth spread word of mouth, what let consumers praise, we conducted the following evaluation.Environmental protection performance environmental protection sex: environmental protection sex is everybody takes seriously most at present, and emulsive paint, namely paint of water-borne metope, its advantage serves as diluent with the clear water that does not have impurity above all, the material that does not contain toxic and harmful to human body in composition.Avoid formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and other toxic carcinogens volatilization and long-term harm to human health.Dichomei product environmental protection: the use of water-based environmental protection formula against home decoration pollution, no detected formaldehyde, no benzene, no heavy metals, VOC content is very low, you can see the detection report on formaldehyde, benzene, no detection, VOC content are in line with national standards.Appearance packaging packaging for simple style, buckle type blockade design, firm, also make each bucket of paint is more firm, in the process of transportation to ensure the integrity of the package, reduce leakage and other situations.Note: there are also skills in unpacking. First cut the two positions connected with scissors, and then open the seal.The emultii paint on the market of product performance is very much, some consumer to save money, when buying, think the price is lower had better, such money saved many, but besmear after brushing metope quality and indoor environment are worrying.When considering the price, we also need to pay attention to the quality of metope paint, choose a reputable brand, and then fully consider the performance of actual demand, with alkali resistance and scrub resistance as the key.Alkali resistance: wall building generally contains cement or lime and other alkaline materials, choose excellent alkali resistance emulsion paint coating, can effectively prevent saponification reaction, peeling, cracking and other problems.Be able to be swabbed: once metope has smudgy, need to be swabbed, because this emulsii paint wants to make sure the coating inside certain swabbing times won’t damage or fade.Diqumei water paint series, clean breath anti-mildew antibacterial water paint add anti-mildew antibacterial factor, mold, bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms have a wide, long time sterilization and inhibition ability, let you say goodbye to mildew, let the wall to keep smooth and bright clean.And dikemei wall diamond scrub resistance full effect water paint especially enhance the scrub resistance performance, >10000 scrub resistance times.The use of special anti-mildew and anti-alkali technology, alkali resistance is good, with strong coverage, excellent flexibility and ductility, greatly enhance the ability to cover and color show, can effectively cover stains, scratches, let the wall look new.When the product is out of the box to buy latex paint, the cross maxim according to, also contains latex paint products inside to peculiar smell, agagging, wiredrawing situation and cover force, swabbing resistance, water resistance and other effect performance requirements.(Five of them, the test reports, have been shown above.)Let’s take Dikemeiqing breath as an example to see what kind of surprise dikemeimei’s products will bring to us.1. After opening the lid of Dicomeiqing breath product, it smells no special flavor.Note: once opened, there is a pungent smell, or a strong smell, which may be the use of poor quality products or the use of fragrance to mask the smell.2, The amount of dikemei water paint province, add 25% of the water to stir, 1L can be brushed 11-13 square meters/time, stirring is very easy, no barrier feeling, no hard block.3. Remove the brush. The drawing is smooth and smooth.4, the latex paint brush to the wall, covering power at a glance.As you can see, the covering force in the bar, once can already cover the background color.Brush two times to show the effect, it has been completely invisible background, and the overall effect is unified.Besmear is brushed in the process and besmear is brushed after, all do not have peculiar smell, really can realize namely brush namely live, suit the family that has dimensional transformation demand especially to use.From the whole evaluation, we can see that Dikemei waterpaint products have shown a strong advantage in both product performance and construction performance, which can meet the needs of customers in wall decoration, decoration materials, to show more color and texture of living space.