What do we learn from Pak’s work?

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Disclaimer: This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice.This article represents the views of the author and does not represent the official position of Mars Finance.VenturesPak, as an avant-garde artist breaking into the crypto world, has created a legend in the past two years and gradually stepped on the altar of crypto art.He was the first crypto artist to break the $1 million mark in NFT sales, and his total sales have now reached $355 million.He holds NFT’s record for The most expensive work, with The Merge sold to more than 20,000 buyers for a total of $91.8 million, The highest price paid by a living artist at public auction.Who is the Pak?No one knows his real name, face, or even gender.He is known as the founder of Undream studio and lead designer of Archillect, an AI curated event, and has been creating digital art for over 25 years, working with hundreds of major brands and studios.Pak has been hailed as the Satoshi of NFT, but unlike Satoshi, he has never left the frontier of crypto experimentation.Pak has been at the forefront of crypto art since ‘X’ was released in August 2020, and more recently under the banner of ‘Censored’.We review Pak’s NFT creation process and try to understand the similar elements behind them: openness, homogeneity and performance art while appreciating these unique cryptographic works.Do these elements point in a direction for digital art?There is no standard in art. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Please look for the answers in the following works.”X” : The open version of the pioneering experiment infinite casting, which seems to be incompatible with the classic law of “scarcity determines value”.X made a bold attempt.X was released on NFT trading platform Nifty Gateway in August 2020. It was a collection of 15 NFT works, 13 of which were sold in unlimited quantities in a 24-hour window, and a total of 61 pieces were sold.The other two NFT are limited auction editions and only one version exists.The Force and The DivideX first put forward The concept of open edition in The NFT world, that is, collectors can buy NFT in unlimited amount within a specified time, The less collectors buy,The rarer the COPY of the NFT, the pattern dynamically defines the initial value of the NFT by the requirements.X also offers 2 limited-edition NFT, which will be sold by auction.This “open edition + limited edition” pattern runs through Pak’s series of works and is often used in his subsequent works.The Title: The value of The theme?Same art, different values.The Title, released in January 2021, sells identical LOOKING NFT works at different prices, with different titles and edition sizes.The Cheap, for example, costs $499 and includes 192 copies;The Expensive costs $10,000 and includes eight copies.The Cheap and The Expensive not only look The same, they point to The same storage file.The Cheap and The ExpensivePak try to think and explore The value core of artworks in this series of works. These identical works of art are “authentic works”, why collectors are willing to pay completely different prices for them?Besides, they all have the same storage file behind them. Who does this file belong to?Pak is also challenging the concept of NFT ownership.The Fungible: Non-homogeneous tokens build different NFT using The same elements.The Fungible is Pak’s work released on Nifty Gateway in partnership with sotheby’s, one of The world’s leading auction houses.The Fungible translates as “homogenization” in Chinese, which is The opposite of NFT. The works are open versions of small squares.Unlike previous X’s, The Fungible introduces a merge mechanism, which automatically aggregates a larger square when The number of squares reaches 5, 10, 20, etc., with a maximum of 1000 X 1000 squares.The public auction sold a total of 23,598 cubes, which were eventually created through the merging mechanism into the more scarce 6,156 NFT.Limited edition pieces of The Switch and The Pixel, sold by a single block and five blocks at The same time, each cost more than $1 million, and The auction grossed nearly $17 million.The collection also includes free limited edition NFT pieces, such as The Cube, which is given to The collector who buys The most cubes;A limited number of 100 pieces of Complexity will be given to the 100 users who buy the most open cubes.Like a building block game, where exactly the same components can be combined into different NFT works, Pak uses Fungible’s theme to suggest that homogeneity and non-homogeneity are not diametrically opposed, but can be transformed into each other.The merging mechanism also provides a new idea for NFT art creation.Poets: The idea of a Renaissance strategy game called NFT doesn’t have to be up to the creator; collectors can write stories in it, too.LOSTPOETS is an NFT strategy game with a literary story setting, in which a group of poets fall into a deep sleep and slowly wake up and have their stories written by collectors.LOSTPOETS are divided into three stages.Phase 1, NFT distribution has been completed.LOSTPOETS include 65536 white paper NFT and 1024 original poet NFT.White paper NFT is distributed through public sale and airdrop to ASH (Pak issued token) holders. After the initial poet NFT rewards 294 to the first 100 holders of white paper NFT, the remaining 730 will be distributed over the next 365 days.Random airdrop 2 white paper NFT collectors per day.In the current second stage, white paper NFT can be converted into poet NFT without name and verse, each poet being one of 1024 original poet NFT, carrying 256 different genetic traits that give them personality, value and meaning.This stage also completes the distribution of the initial poets (who can name themselves and write poems).In the third stage of the game, the white paper NFT can name and write poems for the poet NFT.In the second stage, collectors who keep both the white paper NFT and the poet NFT can destroy the white paper NFT to name the poet and write their own stories.In the second stage, collectors who convert all blank NFT into poet NFT can only have silent poets.Pak left collectors with a question: do you want a bunch of silent poets, or a poet who can write poetry?Art is The Merge of The few and The many.The Merge was released on The Nifty Gateway platform in December 20210 and attracted over 28,000 collectors with a total auction value of $91.8 million, making Pak The most expensive living artist in The world.The Merge continues The open auction model, during which anyone can buy any number of masss, The price of which increases over time from $299 to $575.The Merge also introduces a Merge mechanism, where each wallet can only have a ball, and when buying a second ball, The two balls are merged into one, changing color and size.The “takeovers” will continue to occur with secondary market transactions, and the number of balls will become smaller and smaller.Through the interaction of a series of collectors, the final appearance of the entire work is constantly changing.The Merge is no longer an art or a game, it is mass performance art written on a blockchain using smart contracts, and what The artwork will look like is up to everyone involved.Censored: The Freedom Song To Save Assange is also a mass art experiment, but for freedom of speech.Censored is an NFT publication for freedom of speech and money raised to defend Assange when he is in jail.The controversial AssangeDAO raised 17,000 ETH at the beginning of the year. The auction for Censored limited EDITION NFT “Clock” cost 16,593 ETH.Censored Is made up of two parts. The Clock, which is limited to one copy, is the core of the series. It is a dynamic piece with English numbers that increase every 24 hours, keeping track of the time Assange has spent in prison.The second part is the open version of “X/X”, which is also a mass performance art. Anyone can enter any character (72 characters, only English letters and Spaces are supported) to create their own work.Interestingly, the content entered by the creator is marked with a deletion line, which fits the theme of censorship.Only one coin can be cast per address, free of charge or pay any price.Currently, about 26,000 X/X have been minted, and these NFTS are locked in wallets and cannot be moved, let alone traded.These non-free NFTS will be available for free trade only if Mr Assange is released, and the censored delete line will be removed.Remember Pak’s work, not Pak himself. Pak’s most iconic NFT work has been enjoyed here.Some people may say, what, this is also called art, no aesthetic.To be sure, Pak’s work does not have the visual impact of Beeple’s work, which is also a top digital artist. They often repeat monotonous elements, like Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans.But isn’t that art?No value?The question is certainly a matter of opinion, but the market has given it credit, and Pak has become the most valuable artist alive.Back to the distinctive elements of Pak’s work: openness, homogeneity, performance art.We don’t know if this represents an evolutionary direction for the future of art, but we will think of Pak one day when we see monotonous and repetitive digital elements changing into complex works of art.After reading this, back to the question at the beginning, does it matter who Pak is?As Pak says, “I want people to focus not on me, but on my work.”