Private real controller Gao Shan confirmed the death of the beginning of the year, a number of abnormal product withdrawal, but also the listed company alone

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At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, bad news came from the private equity circle.Gao Shan, the actual controller of Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity Fund Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Huanyi), passed away.Born in March 1982, Takasi is not yet 40.He has nearly 17 years of experience in the securities industry. He started his career in 2005 and joined Thai Trust Fund as a researcher in October of that year.He is willing to share his personal views with the public. He has been a special guest of many media financial programs, and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.On February 8, a reporter from Time Weekly learned from a source that Gao Shan disappeared during a night run on January 10. The company called the police and the police were involved in an investigation.Recently, police said they found a male body in the Huangpu River and contacted Gao Shan’s family for DNA comparison.On the evening of February 8, the latest news came confirming takasi’s death.In fact, before the Spring Festival, there were rumors on social media about “night run missing” investors, but the rumors were vague without naming the people involved.Times weekly reporters noted that around mid-January, Shanghai Huan Yi to reduce the warehouse operation to respond to customer redemption.Gao Shan was part of the army of “public running for private” in the early years.After more than a year at TESSin Fund, He moved to China International Capital Morgan Fund in April 2007 as an industry specialist and associate director of research.Two years later, Gao Shan joined Cathay Pacific Fund as an investment manager.In December 2011, he decided to “go private” and has been working in the private equity industry for more than 10 years.At the beginning, Gao Shan worked as an investment manager in Kaishi Investment Co., LTD. He managed Golden Lion 144 and 181 products for half a year and achieved 13% excess return, and received additional capital of 50 million yuan from ICBC FOF Capital pool.In September 2013 He founded Shanghai Beilin Mountain Investment Management Co., Ltd. as the general manager and chief Investment officer.Since October 2017, Takashi has also been running Cedars Global Capital, an overseas fund company.In 2018 He joined Tseng Capital as chief Investment Officer of Equities.In June 2020 he served as chief Investment Officer and senior partner of Anhui Mingze Investment Management Co., LTD.In October 2020, Gao Shan signed an equity transfer agreement with Wang Ying, the former shareholder of Shanghai Huanyi.At present, he holds 55% shares in Shanghai Huanyi and is the actual controller.According to the official website of China Foundation Foundation Association, Beilin Mountain’s investment management scale is 0 to 500 million yuan, its paid-in capital is 10 million yuan, and Gaoshan’s subscription proportion is 87%.Seven of its funds have been liquidated, Beilin Mountain Zun Enjoy no. 1 although still in operation, but did not disclose the performance of the private equity online.2021 May be a “blowout year” for Takasoia management scale.Shanghai Huanyi was founded in June 2014, with Wang Ying as the actual controller at that time. In March 2015, products were released, and then gradually fell silent.Data show that as of February 8, 2022, The overall size of Shanghai Huanyi private equity fund is about 2 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan, in charge of 48 products, the establishment period is nearly a year, among which the earliest established products in February 10, 2021, suspected to be launched after Gaoshan was transferred to Shanghai Huanyi equity.Shanghai Huanyi’s official wechat account once released information that the company had won the fifth place in the performance of the stock strategy group of companies with a national asset management scale of 1 billion to 2 billion in July 2021, and the average return rate of the company’s products in that month was 17.74%.From the public performance information of Shanghai Huanyi’s products, the overall performance in 2021 is good, but there was a sharp retreat in early January 2022, especially the data on January 7 is very unusual.Take Huanyi Outlook cycle for example, a weekly net release, while January 7 retracement was 14.04%.The best performing product in 2021 was Huanyi Jin Weimin, with a pullback of 10.53% on January 7, 2022.In addition, the double digit withdrawal of products is Huanyi Golden Ox Wisewood 2, on January 7, 10.16 percent.On January 4, the net value of Huanyi and Kwong no. 3 fell below 1 yuan, turning from surplus to deficit.What happened?Analysis of the personage inside course of study points out, net value appears so drop in the short term, there are two kinds of possibility: one kind is heavy warehouse mark trample thunder, another kind is large redemption.What happened to Huan Yi and Gao Shan in Shanghai at the end of the year is unknown.On February 8, times Weekly reporter called Shanghai Huanyi several times, but the tone was busy all the time.Media reports said that before Gao Shan lost contact, Shanghai Huan Yi management scale of nearly 4 billion yuan, its lost contact after the company timely contact investors to explain the situation, and all its private products open redemption, redemption scale is about 50% of the previous scale.At the product operation level, At the end of December 2021, Takashan believed that the excess earnings of companies that have been fully exploited by institutions for one or two years are very small, so the market may be relatively weak in the first half of 2022, and the stable growth related sectors may perform relatively well.Based on Takasi’s judgment overlay lost contact with the situation, the company has substantially reduced positions in January.The current position is in a low state.Times weekly reporter learned that Gao Shan’s personal public account will update the market strategy almost every week before, but no update since January 1 this year.In the final article, Takasaki looks ahead to 2022.Takasi makes two basic points.”At the first level, there is no industry beta, only industry alpha.In 2022, you should downplay beta and go to Alpha, and go to those sub-areas of the track that have the best penetration and growth potential.”He also said that at the second level, 2022 will be the year of the low, such as the Internet, consumer, medical and other industries lost in 2021, 2022 May usher in a turnaround.However, he also believes that this opportunity depends on macro policy changes.Prior to his death, Gao Shan also served as an independent director of Huaming Intelligent (300462.SZ).Registered in Shanghai, Huaming Intelligent is mainly engaged in AFC system integration of rail transit and ROAD traffic ETC business.According to the 2021 annual performance forecast, Huaming intelligent performance is expected to turn from surplus to loss.During the reporting period, net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 169,133,400-194,567,700 yuan, which turned from surplus to deficit compared with the same period of last year.On the afternoon of Feb. 8, the company announced that it had been unable to contact Mr. Takasi and that he was out of contact.Gao Shan lost contact with the specific circumstances still need to wait for the investigation results of the public security organs.Up to now, the company has not been able to understand the specific cause of takasi lost contact.Huaming intelligence also said that as of the announcement disclosure date, Gao Shan did not hold the company’s shares, the company’s board of directors still have 6 directors to perform their duties normally, including 2 independent directors, not less than the statutory minimum number of directors, will not cause a significant impact on the company’s daily business activities and the normal development of the board of directors.As of times Weekly, the news came from the industry, said that after the forensic investigation, Gao Shan is consistent with the characteristics of drowning death, the body surface did not see external violence injury, preliminary ruled out the possibility of a criminal case, but the relevant investigation work is still in further development.