New Year of the Tiger Shinkansen starts at Wong Ka Po Community, Kian LAN Road Street

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Wangjiapu Community, Jianlan Road Sub-district, Qilihe District, gave full play to the aggregation role of social work committee, strengthened the vitality of grassroots organizations by creating “seven-color train”, benefited residents and helped improve community governance.With the “seven colors” of the rainbow as the house, to achieve the integration and co-construction of various forces under the leading core of party construction.Among them, red is the first, implying that the “red” core of party construction leads;Orange symbolizes multi-party joint construction of social Work Committee;Blue meaning tight grasp safety does not relax;Green means to strengthen the lifeline of epidemic prevention and control;Cyan implies the traditional virtues of volunteer service;Yellow implies that stationed cadres activate grassroots community governance;Purple symbolizes the creation of civilization add light add luster.Deepen the working mechanism of community social Work Committee, set up the organizational structure of “Community Party Committee — Community Working Committee — Temporary Party Branch of Resident Cadres”, carry out the “Themed Party Day”, make micro videos and open micro Party classes, so as to make theoretical education more emotional and warm;With the theme of “home service, refined governance”, to create a red gas station, as the social work committee and stationed cadres and party members to study and carry out activities of the auxiliary position, set community governance, wisdom party building, for the people, volunteer service, theory reading in one, with red rendering the most beautiful background of grassroots social governance.The SOCIAL Work Committee actively mobilized the enthusiasm of all member units, improved the “project + pioneer” working law of the Social Work Committee serving the people, and constructed a co-governance pattern with the community core, the member units of the Social Work Committee and party members participating together.At the start of the year of the tiger, and hospital in gansu province, lanzhou city qilihe area of 2 member of property management company, financial office and update the 2022 “resources, demand and project” three list, identified 2022 civilian service content of the project, including health clinics, mobile office, voluntary service, difficult support, epidemic materials to assist, desire, etc.Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the SOCIAL Work Committee joined with the stationed cadres to participate in the epidemic prevention publicity, winter prevention safety publicity, anti-drug publicity and other work, effectively enhancing the residents’ awareness of safety, anti-drug awareness, epidemic prevention and anti-fraud awareness.So far, more than 600 brochures on winter safety, drug control, epidemic prevention and fraud prevention have been distributed, and more than 100 responsibility documents on epidemic prevention and control have been signed.Give full play to the advantages of social work committee members and stationed cadres, actively participate in grassroots management.”Hello, we are volunteers for epidemic prevention and control. Here is a registration form for you to fill out in a few minutes.”Wangjiapu community stationed cadres knock on the door of the residents of liangan district.At the same time, in front of the village gate post, another group of sinking cadres in the area of the gatehouse, is seriously checking the village outside personnel information registration.Communities have launched a grid prevention and control mechanism, placing experienced community workers and stationed cadres on each grid to track and control those returning from medium – and high-risk areas in a timely manner, extending the defense line of epidemic prevention and control to every household.The Yangde Social Work Committee has established three volunteer service teams, namely, the Veterans Volunteer Service team, the Disease pioneer volunteer service team and the Women volunteer Service team.Through “online volunteer recruitment and offline volunteer service”, we mined volunteer service resources and actively guided residents to participate in volunteer service. Now there are 113 registered volunteers and the team has accumulated 216 volunteer hours.Deepening voluntary services, to create party members of the six directions of “helping the elderly, epidemic prevention, convenience, love, culture, education” voluntary services, volunteers combined with their own actual positions, to carry out one-to-one services for the residents, to help the neighborhood, to contribute to the community has become the normal life of every community residents.A yellow vest and a red armband are the travel equipment for cadres stationed in Wangjiapu community.They are not only the epidemic prevention and control fighters, but also the mediator of conflicts and disputes, or work safety inspectors, but also the people’s livelihood matters.They are the “good helper” of the government and the “close friend” of the masses. They are the most beautiful “yellow” in Wangjiapu.Before and after the Spring Festival, in the cadre to safe visit districts shops along the street, the collection of security for safety of gas power consumption, small coal stove heating, illegal for people, fire fighting equipment not complete key problems such as screening, remind shop operators and collection of residents of self-check, tighten the “safety valve”, improve safety consciousness, strengthen inspection, prevent the occurrence of all kinds of accidents.Purple train navigation civilization to create zengguangcai social work committee link a variety of resources, for the area of civilization to create a variety of services, through the patriotic health movement called on the masses to carry out a thorough cleaning of the front and back of the house, to build and share a healthy civilization and healthy environment.In the aspect of civilization propaganda, the stationed cadres become civilization persuaders and cultural propagandists, and actively participate in community governance, with “one” leading “many”, playing a leading role in propaganda.On the first working day of the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the long-lost snowfall caused an impact on the public’s travel and community road traffic, and the stationed cadres cooperated in the division of labor, with a tacit understanding, playing on the road “MAO MAO Ka-chua chua” snow shovel “march.”Seven-color train” out of wangjiapu Community Social Work Committee tiger year “Shinkansen”, cohesion of social work committee strong joint force, activation of grass-roots cadres service enthusiasm, effectively transform the party’s organizational advantages into governance advantages.Wangjiapu community will innovate ideas, plan and coordinate, adhere to complementary advantages, overall linkage, promote community governance to achieve “joint construction, sharing, integration, and win-win”, so that residents feel more satisfied with the sense of gain.Correspondent: Bingchen Wei;Editor: Wei Rong;Reviewed by: Chen Yaling