200 square meters of large home, integrated living room to show elegant atmosphere, balcony is too bright

2022-05-26 0 By

A good door model, must have practical function above all.This is the future of standard living.Today we will appreciate a 200 square meters of large family model, it spent a lot of effort in the details of the design, the results presented even very satisfactory.Let’s look at it in detail.The elevator independent hallway, after the door into the door, the front can be placed a porch cabinet, if the top coat and hat rack or suspension shoe rack, can be strictly aligned with the wall, there is no sense of harmony in the space.Temporary shoes and hats can be conveniently stored here.At the same time, it also ensures the cleanliness of the activity hall.Southward is the old man room that takes toilet, work is all ready.In the middle is the activity hall, the wall at both ends of the guest restaurant is strictly aligned, with the aesthetic feeling of geometric form, increasing the sense of spacious space visually.The kitchen of north side adjoins operation balcony, another side still has worker room, door model function all the more complete!The sitting area has three bedrooms, with the north and south secondary bedrooms a stone’s throw from the north bathroom.The master bedroom has a 4.1-meter sleeping area with a walk-in closet in the middle and an open-window bathroom to the north.The whole apartment model can be called practical, how do you feel?