“Listed companies do not close for Spring Festival” Happy family: Spring Festival does not close, send joy to millions of people

2022-05-25 0 By

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, many employees of listed companies chose to stick to their posts during the festival, against the complex background that many places across the country advocate local Chinese New Year due to the epidemic and some industrial chains have strong demands.Securities Times · E company launched the listed companies “Spring Festival does not close” special report, pay tribute to the festival is still struggling in the frontline staff, show the listed companies in the winter of hot work!Securities Times · E company “Listed companies Spring Festival does not close” series special report 15th stop, into the happy home.Joy home still insists on providing sales services during the Spring Festival to meet the festive needs of customers and consumers.The company’s front-line sales personnel choose to stay in the regional market during the festival, help dealers, assist terminal owners, the warehouse goods distribution to the market;Organize a pile of shed, in the most “down-to-earth” way, to directly show consumers the brand image, at the same time, let consumers bring the “happy” flavor home.Frontline operations are inseparable from the support of logistics.The staff of logistic department of Joy Family also resolutely stick to their posts and provide great support for the sales front line.(Editing by Robert Pompeo)