Weishi County procuratorate public hearing to solve community correction objects leave to go out business problems

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On March 10, the Weishi County Procuratorate held a public hearing, specifically on the community correction object Jia application to go out to supervise the public hearing, and invited the county people’s Congress representatives, CPPCC members, lawyers as a representative of the hearing, the county justice Bureau community correction institution staff and township judicial personnel on-site audit.Jia was sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for one year and six months, and received community correction on July 13, 2021.Because he runs a clothing and apparel company in Weishi County, he cannot go out to negotiate business normally, resulting in difficulties in production and operation. Meanwhile, his wife is about to give birth in Beijing, so he is in urgent need of taking care of her.However, when Jia applied for leave in writing to the judicial office on March 4, he was not approved.✓ on March 7, optimization methodology for procuratorate prosecutors in the daily supervision, understand the Gu Mou application, review think Gu Mou expressed remorse attitude is better, and for the first offense, during the period of community correction, to strictly observe the regulations on the supervision and administration of community correction, entrepreneurial enthusiasm high, to repay society actively, practical performance is good, less likely to be socially dangerous,The purpose that its application goes out is to be engaged in enterprise production management activity and take care of to accompany its to be about to give birth wife, ask for leave formalities is all ready, ask for leave item accords with the relevant provision that personnel of agency correct applies for to go out, can approve according to reason.However, for the sake of prudence, the Weishi County Procuratorate decided to vote through public hearings in order to better accept social supervision.At the hearing, the undertaking prosecutor first introduced the community correction object Jia’s personal situation and leave to go out reasons, that Jia’s request is in line with the relevant legal provisions, plans to agree to his application for going out, suggested by the county justice bureau in accordance with the approval procedures to deal with.Subsequently, Jia mou stated his reasons for leaving, the county justice Bureau staff introduced its performance in the process of accepting community correction, and to the presence of the National People’s Congress, CPPCC members showed Jia mou submitted leave to go out materials.”Can we ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements when community correction targets go out of province?””How can the judicial administrative department effectively supervise the ‘out’ community correction objects to avoid the phenomenon of leaving the supervision?”NPC deputies and CPPCC members raised some questions, which sparked discussion.While answering questions, the staff of Weishi County Procuratorate and county Justice Bureau also introduced laws and regulations related to community correction work in detail, as well as the responsibilities and obligations of procuratorial organs and judicial administrative organs in supervising community correction work.Finally, after the collective review, the hearing member unanimously agreed with the Weishi County Procuratorate to approve jia leave to go out.On March 11, according to the supervision opinions of the procurator, the Community correction center of Yushi County Justice Bureau approved the application for leave for 20 days according to the procedures, and reminded him to comply with the management provisions and epidemic prevention and control requirements during the leave.The hearing of the meeting, and actively explore solutions to community correction object regulation and service guarantee, the contradiction of the economic and social development bring more specification in order to carry out community correction work already, also complied with the masses of fair justice, sunshine new look forward to, the new requirements of justice, to relaxation of the regulation for community correction object “have to” “tube”, effectively promote the enterprise production and operation,Reflects the judicial work of “strength” and “temperature”.Contribution: Yushi Procurator