These 4 tips for selling cigarettes after the holiday season will help you stay in business during the season

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As the Spring Festival comes to an end, retailers have been busy for the whole Spring Festival season, and business is gradually returning to normal.The bosses at this time in the adjustment of store strategy at the same time, do not ignore these things oh ~01 inventory scientific and reasonable inventory is an indispensable link in the store operation, only on time to sell goods, inventory inventory work, to be able to master the inventory dynamic.Especially after the Spring Festival peak season sales, inventory work is more important.Retail customers should timely check the sales of various cigarette products during the Spring Festival, and summarize all inventory and profit.Do know, to be able to prepare goods for the next, sales work to lay a good foundation.During the Spring Festival, the sales of high-grade cigarettes increased than before, but with the end of the holiday, cigarette sales will gradually return to normal.Migrant workers returned home after the Spring Festival holiday.Retail customers should adjust the cigarette sales structure and brand sales focus in time according to the changes of the business environment around the store and the flow of people.Law-abiding people are used to cigarettes as gifts for visiting relatives and friends. After the festival, some consumers may sell cigarettes for a second time.At this point, retail households must not coax a temporary cheap or due to the human recycling, otherwise it may lose more than it gains!Recycling or selling cigarettes on behalf of the law is not only against laws and policies, but also likely to recover fake cigarettes or mildew cigarettes, which will not only suffer economic losses, but also damage the good reputation and lose the trust of more customers.04 Reasonable storage reasonable storage of cigarettes is an important link in the circulation of cigarettes, using the correct method of storage, not only can ensure the taste of cigarettes is not affected, but also can prevent cigarette mildew caused by loss.Retail customers should purchase cigarettes reasonably according to the actual sales situation of the store and in accordance with the principle of “frequent advance and quick sale”. They should not blindly purchase cigarettes in large quantities for storage, and also pay attention to not putting cigarettes and other items with pungent smell together to avoid flavor.Spring Festival season is coming to an end, market consumption will enter the normal, but we can not relax in the daily operation, do the above four points, I believe that all retail customers can smoothly carry out the New Year’s business, increase sales.In the New Year, I wish you all a new starting point and a new journey!