Taiyuan 2022 urban redevelopment plan

2022-05-24 0 By

Official latest release, focus.Taiyuan has six urban districts, three counties and one city. The “government Work Arrangements for 2022” is announced. Urban Renewal is closely read.Small shop area to speed up urban renewal and raise the “quality index”.Complete the demolition of Wusu and Sizhuang villages to ensure the smooth progress of the third phase of the airport project;The whole village of Lijiazhuang and Gongjiapu was demolished, and urban reconstruction projects such as Dicun, Longbao and Qinxian were promoted, as well as shantytown reconstruction in yangjiapu south Area.We will coordinate and promote the renovation of 217 old residential areas (including shanxi Finance University Family Courtyard and Shiji Garden), as well as the energy-saving renovation of 300,000 square meters of existing buildings, the renovation of 60 existing residential elevators and the renovation of “three supply and one industry”.Yingze District completed the reconstruction of Yingze East Street area, and started shantytown reconstruction projects such as Meishui Courtyard and Tiansen Taoyuan Road area;We will speed up the process of resettling residents;We will renovate 173 old residential areas, install 20 elevators in existing residential buildings, completely replace gas pipelines that are more than 30 years old, improve supporting facilities in residential areas, and promote organic urban renewal, so that the people will have a better sense of satisfaction and a more sustainable sense of happiness.Speed up the “zero clearance” of urban village demolition and land formalities to expand the development space in the east.Taking the soon-to-be-completed urban reform projects (Red Star Tianbo, Agile · Jiangshanfu, Country Garden · Taoyuan Li, etc.) as the “center”, planning the road network “radius” in advance, constructing municipal pipe network, greening and beautifying the periphery;We plan to introduce a number of high-quality education and medical resources, break down barriers to integrated urban and rural development, improve the quality of new residential areas in an all-round way, and build a beautiful, green and livable eastern new city.Xinghualing steadily promoted zhongjiawa, Dongjiawa, Baiyang Shu, Nanawa and Guldan village transformation, striving to start construction within the year;Eight shantytowns, including West chengjia Village, Yinmahe, Dunhua South Road and the dormitory area around tool Factory, were renovated, and construction of rehousing units was accelerated, with over 2,200 units allocated within the year.Actively promote nanhua Gate, Guoshi Street and other urban renewal projects (to realize the transformation of the old city’s production capacity), and complete the comprehensive renovation of Xinkai South Lane and Jiancalawn Street;We will renovate 99 old residential areas, upgrade 383 buildings with 1.302 million square meters of energy efficiency, and install elevators in 22 existing buildings. We will improve the hardware facilities of residential areas and provide them with full service functions, and build a number of demonstration areas with high standards.Jiancao quicken urban renewal and promote regional coordinated development.We will move faster to relocate people involved in urban reconstruction and key projects, and promote the construction of shantytown reconstruction projects, so as to transform the old appearance of cities into new ones.We will make steady progress in renovating old residential areas, coordinate efforts to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings and install elevators in existing homes, and begin renovating 43 old residential areas within the year.Wanbailin continues to carry out the reconstruction of villages in the city “look back” special action, with “thinking” to solve the problems of the reconstruction of villages in the city, the city side of the village policy and funding;We will promote the reconstruction of villages in the city such as Dawang and Houwang, continue to promote the construction of Wayao and Jiawa urban reconstruction projects, and speed up the relocation and resettlement of Pengcun, Honggou, Zhaigou and other villages in the city.With the renovation of shantytowns as the breakthrough point, we will comprehensively promote the demolition and renovation of shantytowns such as Taiyuan West Railway Station area and Xishan Guandi Jiayuan.We will coordinate the implementation of work to improve the efficiency of old residential areas, the provision of energy, supply of electricity, supply of electricity, and employment, and the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings, and make up for shortages in supporting facilities in light of local conditions.Jinyuan District to promote yule Garden, provincial geological bureau dormitory renovation project;We will accelerate the construction of rehousing units across the region and take multiple measures to solve problems left over from urban reform in all villages.This year, we will complete infrastructure upgrading in 22 old residential areas (improving the living conditions of 14,000 urban residents) and carry out comprehensive pipe network upgrading in new towns (solving urban flooding problems affecting 47,000 people).Qingxu County in accordance with the principle of reform, the implementation of the south Second Street area, yingxin area and other 20 old district renovation project;Support qualified existing buildings to install elevators, improve public infrastructure and community service facilities;We will focus on rebuilding shantytowns such as Dongfanzhuang and Xinzhuang to promote steady development of the real estate industry.Yangqu County has gradually implemented the renovation project of old residential areas, focusing on the comprehensive renovation of supporting pipe network, overhead cables and building facades.Carry out the county back streets renovation project, and gradually carry out comprehensive renovation of supporting infrastructure in residential areas.Loufan County promotes the strong start of the old city reconstruction, does the solid mass foundation work, speeds up the improvement of the scheme, the demolition of the bottom, financial security and other key work, to ensure substantial progress within the year;The renovation of 44 old residential buildings was completed, and the renovation projects of Hongye and Jinmao old residential areas were launched to transform “livable” into “livable”.Gujiao completed the renovation of 38 old residential areas in the second batch and started the renovation of 23 old residential areas in the third batch.Timely start the expropriation of shantytowns in fendongyuan, Sanchakou and other areas, and complete three fixed-point resettlement projects such as Gucheng Street.