Shandong men’s basketball third foreign aid exposure, 2 meters 11 foreign aid is expected to join, the sword refers to the playoffs eight strong!

2022-05-24 0 By

In the CBA league this window period, the shandong team is constantly coming out of the news.The first team lineup has been very complete, before the injury of Ding Yanyuhang and Jiao Hailong two generals have been completely recovered.Then lu media reporter Xu Kaihua revealed that the team has signed a third foreign aid, ready for the playoffs.As more and more information is exposed, the shandong team’s third foreign aid candidate is basically revealed, he is once in the NBA once played a big foreign aid Henry – Ellenson.Many Chinese fans may not be familiar with Ellenson, who joined the NBA draft in 2016 and was selected by the Pistons with the 18th overall pick in the first round. He has played for the Pistons, Knicks, Nets and Raptors and other teams, and his overall performance is relatively mediocre.Ellenson hasn’t appeared in an NBA game since being waived by the Pistons last March.In fact, Ellenson’s physical condition is very good, with 2.11 meters tall he has a 2.18 meters wingspan, can play four and five two positions, the ability to protect the rim is superior.Ellenson is a big player, but his shooting touch is very soft, not only has a good shooting ability, and can shoot three points.But his athletic ability is a little weak, especially the speed of the bullet is poor.His weakness is magnified in the NBA, where transition is fast.But in the CBA, players like Ellenson are very useful.There are two main reasons why Shandong chose Ellenson.One is the team’s current big foreign aid Gilenwater performance is more general, although his scoring means is very rich, but the height is his biggest shortcoming, Shandong signed Ellenson is mainly to enhance the strength of the inside line.The second is that the team is preparing for the playoffs.According to Xu kaihua, shandong men’s basketball officials hope that the addition of Ellenson will enable the team to reach the final eight in the playoffs.The strength of shandong team is actually good, when Ellenson formally and the team together, he and Tao Hanlin will be able to form the inside tower, this will become the team’s advantage, in the playoffs into the top eight is not without hope.However for team Shandong, the biggest problem is time.Although Shandong has reached an agreement with Ellenson, but the team still need to apply for his visa, plus the quarantine time after entering China, he can officially return to the team is uncertain.In addition, shandong’s current playoff spot is not secure, the team is not clear to make the playoffs, these are some uncertainties.For this point, in fact, shandong also has a long-term plan, that is, even if Ellenson can not play in the CBA league this season, the team will continue to sign him next season as a big foreign aid.In that case, Guillenwalt would almost certainly not be around next season.At present, Shandong Team is actively helping Ellenson to apply for his visa and strive to let him enter China as soon as possible. We can only wait for the next news!