NBA latest rankings, lakers nets warriors lost, green army comeback first, Mavericks beat jazz

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Today’s NBA is a hot day, the league has a total of 7 groups of matchups, including the Lakers, Warriors, Nets and other high-profile teams.But interestingly, today, the Lakers, nets, warriors and other popular teams have suffered defeat.In the final stretch of the season, the standings of all but the SUNS have changed dramatically.Seven games down, the league’s pattern has changed dramatically, let’s take a look.Eastern Conference standings: The Celtics were the best team in the second half of the season, beating the Timberwolves 134-112. Tatum had 34 points, five rebounds and six assists, and Brown had 31 points and 10 rebounds.They’ve won 23 of their last 27 games, and today they’re going straight to the top of the Eastern Conference.Embiid scored 37-15 against the league-leading Phoenix SUNS, but Harden missed just 2 of 11 shots.This loss went straight from first to fourth.The Pistons also played the Knicks, who were in good shape on the road. Barrett and Randle both scored 20 points and all six players scored in double figures in the win, but neither team has a chance to advance to the play-offs.The other big game in the Eastern Conference was the New Orleans Hornets, who all scored in double figures in the first five points, but the New Orleans hornets made four 3-pointers in the final seconds of the quarter to beat the Nets 119-110.The battle ended with the Hornets surging to the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference and the Nets falling to the ninth.Western Conference standings: The Western Conference was also exciting, with the top-ranked Phoenix SUNS beating the 76ers to solidify their position.Poole, Thompson and Wiggins all scored 20 points, but the Wizards shot 52 percent to beat the Warriors.The warriors remain at no. 3 in the West, the Wizards have little chance of making the play-offs, and the Timberwolves fall to no. 7 after losing to the Green.The big game in the West today is lakers vs. Pelicans.Both teams take this game very seriously and it is an important battle for positions.James came back and put up 39 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists.But the team lost power in the second half, CJ and Ingram also combined to score 44 points, the final victory over the Lakers.The Pelicans moved up to no. 9 and the lakers fell to no. 10, just one game ahead of the spurs.The Jazz had a great game against the Mavericks, but doncic outplayed Mitchell, who finished with 32 points, 10 rebounds and five assists to Mitchell’s 12 points.The Mavericks won and moved up to fourth place in the West, while the Jazz fell to fifth.The standings at the end of the season are in flux, with every game at stake and a lot to watch.