Men do these two things very well, women will like you

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There are two things a man has to do to make a woman like you. What are they?Men to women very men do not always think about women that thing, color is scraping bone steel knife, this is the famous saying of the ancients spread up to now, very reasonable, men to women a little bit, don’t be affectionate all day.The woman say to you love you very much, you when she say to you of local flavor love words, listen to calculate, she really love you?Even if really love you, you let her make money to support you to try?Even if she really loves you, why don’t you let her buy a house?She really loves you, when getting married you don’t give her betrothal gift you try, if your business is bankrupt, a pile of foreign debt, you see she still can love you?Men to their own men to their own very, use all the time to do the development of things, less TV, less with some useless so-called friends in the outside drink masturbation talk about feelings.You are valuable, there are women to talk to you, there are all the friends to have a relationship with you, but only if you are good and valuable to others.For example, I write this article, write very true, code word I also tired, but I do this thing is meaningful, you like me, pay attention to me more people, become a million fans of the big blogger, then I can not work.Men want to read meaningful books and articles, such as the article I wrote, you read will shock your heart and mind, let you know what is true love.Original author @ Northeast leng Tou Qing