“Inheritance” witnessed the development of Chinese Go celebrity battle

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(Nie Weiping Studio 33) The Chinese Weiqi Masters Competition is also one of the traditional Weiqi competitions with a long history in China. It is sponsored by the People’s Daily and the Chinese Weiqi Association.It is held every year.The first masters competition was held in 1988, followed by a challenge format, in which a qualifier was selected to challenge the previous champion.From the 13th round, the challenger will decide the best of 3 games.The finals are always best of five games.Hua Yigang, vice chairman of the Chinese Weiqi Association, wrote about the establishment of celebrity battle in Weiqi Competition: “Yuan Xianlu, who was the editor-in-chief of People’s Daily (Overseas edition) in 1987, was keen on promoting Chinese culture, and Weiqi naturally came into his vision.He invited Chen Zide, Nie Weiping, Hua Yigang and Luo Jianwen (1943-2017), the Four Masters of Weiqi, to open a column of Weiqi in the overseas edition, and mobilized Chen Zhao and other key members of the sports department to actively plan weiqi competitions.”In this way, The Chinese Weiqi celebrity battle officially started.In 1988, liu Xiaoguang defeated Yu Bin 3:1 in the final of the first Chinese Go Masters Competition attended by 64 players and became the first celebrity to win the championship.The second competition was held in 1989, and Ma xiaochun defeated all the masters in 9 Dan and finally won the championship, starting his journey of winning 13 consecutive titles.This record has been unbroken in all domestic chess matches.From 1988 to 2019, a total of 32 Chinese Weiqi Masters competitions were held, producing ten famous players including Liu Xiaoguang, Ma Xiaochun, Zhou Heyang, Qiu Jun, Gu Li, Jiang Weijie, Tan Xiao, Chen Yaoye, Lian Xiao and Mi Yuting.At that time, nie Weiping, the representative of China’s young chess players, defeated many Japanese super first-class chess players in the Sino-Japanese Go challenge competition, so that Go really entered the vision of Chinese people.And the establishment of the celebrity battle, is to this go fever played a further role.Whether due to the pandemic or not, the celebrity War has been suspended since 2019.As a witness of the development of Chinese Go, I also look forward to the early resumption of the celebrity competition, and can accompany Chinese Go again.