How to build water conservancy projects this year

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Fu Lili, reporter of Science and Technology Daily “For this year’s epidemic, epidemic prevention and control and engineering construction should be coordinated.From January to March this year, China completed 107.7 billion yuan of investment in water conservancy, up 35 percent from the same period last year.”Zhang Xiangwei, director of the planning department of the Ministry of Water Resources, said at a regular briefing on 2022 water conservancy projects held by the State Information Office on April 7.Water conservancy projects are projects for people’s livelihood, development and safety, and play a significant role in stabilizing investment and expanding domestic demand.Zhang xiangwei made the remarks in response to concerns that the epidemic situation in some areas will affect the construction process.”While strengthening epidemic prevention and control, we are going all out to push forward the project construction.”To be specific, measures to prevent and control the epidemic will be strictly and meticulously implemented, and personnel control, health monitoring and epidemic eradication will be strengthened at construction sites, Zhang said.Some major water conservancy projects, such as the datengxia xijiang Water conservancy project under construction, are under closed management.On the other hand, construction scheduling should be increased, construction organization should be optimized, and construction resources should be allocated to minimize the impact of the epidemic on construction.A number of major water conservancy projects started this year are not evenly distributed in time and space. The biggest feature of water resources in China is the frequent occurrence of floods and droughts due to summer floods and winter drought, the lack of abundant resources in the north and the south.According to an executive meeting of The State Council, a number of projects that have been included in the plan and have mature conditions will be started again this year, including major water diversion projects such as the follow-up of the South-to-North Water Diversion project, key flood control and disaster reduction projects, reinforcement of dilapidated reservoirs, and construction and renovation of irrigated areas.These projects, together with other water conservancy projects, could result in an annual investment of about 800 billion yuan.Wei Shanzhong, vice minister of water resources, introduced that this year will focus on two aspects of work: one is to promote high-quality development of the follow-up project of the south-to-North water diversion project.The first phase of the east-Central Line has been in operation for seven years, supplying 51.8 billion cubic meters of water to the north.More than 75% of the urban area of Beijing and almost 100% of the urban area of Tianjin drink water from the middle route of the south-to-north Water Diversion project. In order to further improve the water supply and water supply guarantee rate of the middle route of the south-to-North water diversion project, this year we should focus on promoting the preliminary work of the middle route of the river diversion project and ensure that the construction will start within the year.At the same time, it is necessary to deepen the preliminary demonstration of the follow-up project of the eastern route of the south-to-North Water Diversion project, promote the timely construction of the project, and ensure that the project becomes a lifeline to optimize the allocation of water resources, ensure the safety of drinking water for the people, revive the ecological environment of rivers and lakes, and smooth the north-south economic cycle.Second, we will coordinate other major water diversion projects.For those areas where conditions are basically ripe, such as the Guangdong water resources allocation project around the Beibu Gulf, we should speed up construction and solve the problem of water resources shortage in western Guangdong as soon as possible.If the preliminary work has a certain foundation, the progress of the preliminary work shall be accelerated, and the project shall be examined and approved as soon as possible to create conditions for the commencement of construction.For other projects in the planning, we will also speed up project evaluation and continue the construction of major water diversion projects.Preparing for the construction of new irrigated areas to improve the Comprehensive production capacity of Grain Where does China’s grain come from?Figures show that the effective irrigation area of farmland in China is 1.037 billion mu, accounting for 54 percent of the total farmland area.Within 54 per cent of the irrigated area, 75 per cent of the country’s food and 90 per cent of cash crops are produced.”The construction of irrigated areas is extremely important, especially in large and medium-sized irrigated areas.”Wei shanzhong said.So-called irrigated area, colloquially speaking is drought can irrigate, flood can discharge, grain has such condition, must be stable yield high yield.At present, there are more than 7,000 large and medium-sized irrigated areas in China, with an effective irrigated area of 520 million mu. These areas are the major production areas of grain and important agricultural products in China, and an important guarantee of national food security.Wei Shanzhong said that strengthening the construction and transformation of large and medium-sized irrigated areas is undoubtedly very important to consolidate and increase the irrigated area and enhance grain production capacity.This year, in irrigated area construction and transform respect, basically have the following two respects move: above all, want to strengthen existing large and medium-sized irrigated area to continue to build form a complete set and transform.Some irrigated areas have been under construction for a long time. This year, we will renovate 90 large irrigated areas and over 480 medium-sized irrigated areas. We will improve irrigation water source projects, canal systems, measurement and monitoring facilities, and promote standardized management.At the same time, select some large and medium-sized irrigated areas with conditions to create a batch of modern digital irrigated areas.Next, want to build a batch of modern irrigation area actively.To speed up the construction of large irrigation areas under construction, promote as soon as possible to develop benefits.In areas with suitable water and soil resources and great potential for new reserve irrigated farmland, a number of new irrigated areas should be built, such as Datengxia in Guangxi, Niululing in Hainan and Daao in Jiangxi.After the completion of these projects, the effective irrigation area will be increased and improved by about 25 million mu.In addition, it also plans to rebuild and build some irrigated areas in combination with water diversion and water source construction to further improve the overall grain production capacity.