Dopa approved of the middle singles, Faker is not ranked, the evaluation of the beautiful girl is overrated

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As is known to all, LPL division is rich in the AD, the world’s best LCK division is rich in the world’s top in the list, so far, faker, Uzi and continues to be the leading figures of two competition area, even if the former retired back again today in bench, which once out of the world and the threshold to the quarterfinals, but this does not affect them as two big conference in the AD and unit standard.Being recognized by fans may not prove the strength of a professional player, but being recognized by professional players and even the majority of passers-by is the best reflection of professional players to show their personal ability.Faker has beaten almost all professional players throughout his career, and almost everyone talks about Faker with respect and respect, but he is not recognized by LCK “King of the Wild”.Hanbok rank has always been an arena for many professional players to train, and even many newcomers to the career path is to rank in Hanbok rank. I believe that water friends who often follow the ranking of Hanbok rank must be familiar with dopa, who was banned by fists. Maybe if he hadn’t fallen,There would be no swan song for today’s Faker triple Crown winner, and that’s no exaggeration.Dopa was a benchmark for countless professional players. Before Faker became a world champion, beating Dopa was a way of bragging rights for outsiders.In a recent interview with Dopa, he explained why he has been out of the spotlight for the past two seasons: “It doesn’t matter now that I’m number one in Hanbok. I’m more focused on life now, and I’ll never see myself back at the top of hanbok rankings again.”Indeed, in dopa’s case, he didn’t have to prove himself, he was permanently banned by Fist, and no team would favor him no matter how high or how good he was in the ranks.In the past two seasons, our LPL countries take many individual ability outstanding rookie player and LCK became han2 fu2 first regular players, dopa is no longer participate in the youth and spell endurance and strength of the struggle, he now holds with Buddha is a psychological outsider perspective han2 fu2 list of qualifying, and nowadays LCK for two big brand in the single player:Showmaker and line, he 96, I open 4, once with him line I will be broken, not to mention the strong sense of line pressure operation strange Chovy, these two line ability is I played hanbok ranking has never seen strong.The fact that Dopa gave such a high rating to these two men is equivalent to disregarding Faker’s dominance over LCK for years. In other words, Dopa only recognized Showmaker and Chovy in the LCK division, and Faker had to step aside.Even though Faker’s T1 team has beaten both of those teams this season, dopa still doesn’t give faker any credit. If not the strength, at least the persistence and perseverance of Faker to maintain such a high level of competition during his years of playing?Maybe Dopa is getting old, showmaker and Chovy are in their prime now, they are not afraid to play. Professional veterans are not afraid of their “status”, whether in qualifying or division tournament, while making sure to contribute to the team and avoid the awkward situation of getting killed or getting shot out.To some extent, it also restricts the play of his own strength limit, which is why people now see Faker’s playing style more and more “tool man” and conservative, they care not only about team victory, but also cherish their own feathers.Showmaker and Chovy have no such worries. What they want to do now is to prove themselves. When people look at these new generation top players, they will only see their advantages and automatically ignore their loopholes and “ugly behavior”, while professional veterans will only “find faults”.Taking the minor faults of professional players as the understanding that he is an old master.As a matter of fact, the experience and mentality of the court are accumulated from the accumulated games. Showmaker and Chovy need quite a long time to settle down from faker’s calm and calm attitude, and there is no shortcut.For more content, check out LOL League of Legends