DNF: Check it out!Do you remember any of this alien stuff?Night elf angel

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It has been a while since the soul World landed on Chinese server, did you recall those alien suits in the process of brushing? Now let’s recall them!Assassin heirloom closed set of once upon a time, a recruit to paraphrase to death is how many assassin players familiar badinage, because recruit set bonus by count between each equipment, and other professional development of all kinds of plane different assassin from the beginning focused on the high yield of recruit, late far three is also considered to cannot use double breath instead of closed action set,Tears of The Times, you might say.Ninja sky fire falls the world sky fire flow cloud cover is a lot of ninja players to choose the alien set at that time, this alien set is mainly to strengthen the fire dun · yan Tian, with this set of best weapons is the fire blaze · out, no fire blaze · out of the player can also choose 85 legend weapons as alternative weapons.From miaomu mountain surprise tianlu to remove evil set, short for * Toad set (toad set) main add fire dun – toad oil bomb, will be oil bomb damage and the scope of great improvement.Combined with a large range of 70SS Fury, the Frog deals extremely high damage.The nine-piece kit not only increases the attack power and reduces the cooldown, but also increases the attack range and size of the oil bomb.The cooldown of an oil bomb is 26.2s. The cooldown of a 9 piece oil bomb is halved and its damage is increased by 35%.Flat A cult equipped with this ninja alien set, no longer need to worry about the seal is interrupted, flat X cult, simple violence province colorless.One sword of any is called flat A set, because this set of the main passive ability dark burn residual star, XXX after casting ability can do terrible damage.The necromancer’s scourge output mode is mainly zombie self-explosion, which is similar to qigong double body summoning sacrifice and belongs to small burst output.The 9 – piece set can repeatedly capture a crawler until the duration is up.However, as zombie AI is in a hurry, so it’s a matter of opinion, zombie output improvement is limited, more suitable for recreational players who do not play high-end replicas.Double envoy two sets of alien set to strengthen the bus, but also for different aspects.Revenge evil is the output technique to the chaos of the broken fist to sustained output, ambition to burst output, is a very good set of bricks.Shadow Destroyer greatly improved the output of buses and rage, reduced the cooldown of a lot of rage, and removed the first and second strikes from the original version of the undead. It was the main choice of undead equipment.Shadow dancer screen large areas of special suit, in the field of strengthening assassination promote assassination fields on various aspects ability, several colorless attached to strengthen the skills at the same time, more wide, including six sets can be used to change fold assassination scope in the field of CP predecessor death carols were called instant kill set, 75% of the speed kill damage is very good, the key is to remove the speed kill exert action, will be very smooth,Instant kill is now a very useful ability, it also reduces the cooldown of instant kill by 55%, and the cooldown of instant kill is only 21S without any cooldown.Can be seen as a precursor to instantaneous cp.Top warrior top warrior must, with no shadow effect blast sky, greatly improve all aspects of blade dance attributes, a blade dance clear map is not a problem, in the extreme enhancement of blade dance, but also slightly enhanced 40, 45, 60.In addition to moving bricks, performance is also very good in other cases, the disadvantage is the lack of instant explosive force, the overall performance is good.