Can not be under the highway tolls, don’t let the owners of traffic and blocking heart

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View commentator Chen Ruosong highway traffic jam 8 hours is enough “blocking heart”, toll station should take a more humane way of dealing with, can not give the owners of the “jam”.On February 6th, the last day of the free Spring Festival expressway, many car owners drove to shangluo section of Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, which is 5 kilometers away from danfeng Toll station in Shaanxi province. Due to traffic control and traffic jam ahead, it took more than 8 hours to pass the toll station and were charged for the whole section.But the owner thinks that because of the accident here, the traffic jam can not get off the highway before 12 o ‘clock, and should not let the owner bear all the costs.On The 7th, the incident section management staff responded that they would contact the relevant car owners to negotiate high-speed charges.It took 8 hours to pass the 5km journey, and was charged for the whole journey. The car owner was caught in a traffic jam.Netizens are divided over whether the fee is reasonable.Some argue that it is unreasonable to charge for the whole journey because of the delays caused by accidents and traffic jams.However, some netizens believe that accidents or traffic jams for other reasons are accidents, not excuses for not following the rules.The crux of the debate is whether the cost of traffic jams should be borne entirely by car owners.Danfeng toll station charges the full distance fee according to the regulations, and there is no problem in itself, but the car owner fails to pass the toll station during the free period, which is not caused by their own reasons, but caused by highway congestion and traffic control. Should the resulting toll be borne by the car owner?It may need to be revisited, not only in this case, but also in other motorway tolls caused by traffic jams and so on.The Spring Festival holiday high-speed free, the main purpose is to let the majority of owners enjoy the convenience of access, is a universal preferential policy.Toll stations only pay attention to the time when vehicles pass through the site, but do not consider the traffic situation of the section. It seems to be in accordance with the provisions, but in fact, it lacks flexibility and humanization, which does not meet the original intention of free high-speed.In this regard, for the handling of similar incidents, it is important to comply with the regulations, but also according to the specific situation, more humane measures should be taken, not always let the car owners at their own risk, self-unlucky.It is understood that the current Danfeng toll station has said that it will contact the relevant owners, negotiate high-speed charging problems.I hope that the result of the negotiation can make these car owners who have been stuck for more than 8 hours get some comfort.But in addition to that, reflect on why there is such a long period of congestion.February 6 is the last day of the Spring Festival holiday and the freeway-free deadline. The result of the combination of the two factors is that a large number of car owners are concentrated in this period of time to return, resulting in highway congestion and increased risk of traffic accidents.This is certainly a reminder to car owners.You might want to avoid the rush hour and choose the last “card point” on the holiday to return the most cost-effective, but may face a long traffic jam, or even miss the free time, ultimately not worth the loss.And for the relevant departments, also might as well do some more research, try to reduce the expressway “cluster” traffic phenomenon, such as the high-speed free policy scattered to peacetime.8 hours of traffic jam on the highway is enough to “block the heart”, toll station should take a more humane way of dealing with, can not give the owners of the “jam”.(Yellow River comment box: Editor: Wang Hang overall planning: Wang Pan