Better safety the first lesson to tighten the string of safe production

2022-05-24 0 By

As companies began to return to work and production, in order to prevent effectively due to the improper epidemic prevention and control, poor mental state employees, equipment maintenance is not careful, does not reach the designated position of safety management of production safety accident risk, such as February 16 days afternoon, area of Ann charter organization committee member units, I’d do, jurisdiction companies tuned production safety “to start the first class” seminar,We will further urge enterprises to fulfill their primary responsibilities, do a good job of starting work after the holiday, and do a good job of ensuring production safety.According to the notice of the district Security Commission office, the competent departments of all industries in the district organized enterprises in dangerous chemicals, industry and trade, fire fighting, marketing, construction, transportation, education and other industries to watch and listen to the special lecture of “The First Lesson in Construction”.Community organizations, enterprises and businesses in various towns watched and listened to the special lecture of “The First Lesson of Construction”.The lecture was explained from the aspects of production safety requirements, specific embodiment of risks and countermeasures, investigation of hidden dangers of production safety, characteristics of production safety in various industries and fields, etc. At the same time, a large number of real accident cases were quoted, which effectively improved the safety production management skills of employees and strengthened the awareness of production safety.Through this special lecture, strengthened the safety responsibility and consciousness, further tightened the safety production string of the whole region, laid a solid foundation for the safe and orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises.