Apple saves you money?The iPhone will support Face ID repair: no replacement required

2022-05-24 0 By

According to MacRumors, we’ve heard from reliable sources that Apple’s Apple Store and authorized service providers will soon offer a separate Face ID repair service.If there is a problem with the Face ID function of the phone in the future, the part can be repaired separately instead of needing to be replaced.For now, however, Face ID repairs are only available on iPhone Xs and later models.The first iPhone X to support this feature is not on the repair list.And, Apple has not announced the specific repair price, but according to apple’s pricing characteristics, it is estimated to be 500~600 yuan, or even more expensive.Apple Store and authorized Service providers can use the Apple Service Toolkit diagnostic tool to determine whether the Face ID module can be repaired or the entire device needs to be replaced.Apple will continue to provide documentation and training.The new TrueDepth camera service, which includes a Face ID module and a front-facing camera module, will soon be available to Apple license-holders to replace damaged devices.According to Apple, the Face ID service is part of the company’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and, ultimately, the environment.It is understood that Apple’s previous repair plan for damaged Face ID models is basically to replace them, which is too expensive for overinsured users.Once Apple’s Face ID is damaged, it cannot be repaired by a third-party repair agency, according to some netizens.But huaqiangbei seems to have cracked the technology long ago, repairing Face ID alone two years ago.Therefore, some netizens joked that Apple has learned technology from Huaqiangbei.For iPhone users, Face ID is the only biometric unlock feature with high security, and if it breaks, you’ll have to enter your password every time, which is really uncomfortable.While Face ID works, it has a high rate of damage, from a minor fall or accidental contact with water vapor.Face ID became unavailable after some users repaired other parts.Now, Apple is offering a separate repair service for Face ID, which can save users some maintenance costs.Let’s hope Apple’s price is relatively low so we don’t have to worry too much about face unlocking failure.