Akirella likes her revice. Labkov finally speaks

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Kamen Rider revice23 in the story is very interesting, especially sakura this piece of story and interaction is very interesting and interesting, specifically to talk about it in detail, in addition to teasing Aguilera is not like yourself, offline for a period of time Labkov finally spoke again.This time Aguilera and the cuttlefish work together again, but only on a superficial level. Sakura sees Aguilera again, and there is no time for the two to sit down and talk.Akrina: I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Sakura: How much do you like me?Sure enough, they couldn’t stand entanglements, so they might as well stay together., this words really interesting places, or lab can fu again, the mascot dropped a long time, it is famous revealed before making ITO beauty to infected with the new crown, don’t know whether I recovered, until no lab can fu, then again, at the same time lines and not the same as before, it seems should be restored.And Aguilera from the previous see Labukhov is very timid, to now even dare to take the initiative to attack Labukhov, it can be seen that Aguilera also grew up a lot.However, the confrontation between the two of them seems to be more of a fight than a serious one, and Aguilera also reveals to Sakura the reason for her cooperation with the cuttlefish, as well as the reason for abandoning Smiru. She has other plans, but is also worried that Smiru will be involved in unnecessary harm.As for the subsequent fight with the cuttlefish and the result of the defeat, Aguilera did not take advantage of the danger, directly found an interface to run away, it seems that the sisters are getting better and better, they will be able to peacefully sit down and talk.And Smiru through sakura also know the true idea of Aguilera, decisively moved to cry, hope that Jade Zhihao can return to the first line of battle sequence, then said good to let Eulutega blood, hope to see its revenge success early.