Winter Olympics help, young people hot, reveal trillion ice track hot business

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The author first goods | ice and snow sports hot – $2022 – the Spring Festival, as the Beijing Olympics to orgasm, ski peremptory has become a universal participation in sports.When looking through moments, shou Caijun often saw a friend Posting a video of skiing, even if he fell on his back, he still enjoyed it.More fun friends, basically the whole Spring Festival holiday is “soaking” in the ski resort.At the same time, the capital has also aimed at “snow and ice” related industries, according to statistics, since January 2021, there have been Olympic snow culture, SNOW51, extreme road, bai, GOSKI and other ski start-up companies to obtain tens of millions of yuan of financing, involving a total financing amount of nearly 500 million yuan.Now that the young people are enthusiastic and the capital is promising, today Shoucaijun will talk to you about the investment opportunities behind ice sports.Economy is expected to be super trillions of snow and ice – 2022 is also called the white snow and ice industry economy, from the upstream including ice and snow, ice and snow ground equipment spare parts, etc., to the construction of the middle mainly for snow and ice, masses of ice and snow sports event services and training, ice and snow tourism, downstream for distribution and marketing channels, and finally reach the consumers to participate in the activities of snow and ice industry, etc.In 2019, China’s ice and snow industry market has exceeded 500 billion yuan.In 2020, due to the new coronavirus, snow and ice competitions were cancelled one after another, which hit China’s snow and ice industry. In 2020, the scale of the snow and ice industry decreased by 26.84% year-on-year to 381.1 billion yuan.With the effective control of the epidemic in China and the active implementation of relevant support measures by the national governments, the snow and ice sports service industry, mass snow and ice sports and training industry, snow and ice tourism and other industries gradually recovered. In 2021, China’s snow and ice industry has a relatively large rebound.It is expected that the total scale of China’s ice and snow industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2025, and the number of people participating in ice and snow sports will exceed 50 million.Snow and ice industry into the “fast lane” — 2022 See here, may have friends doubt, the recent “snow and ice economy” fire, mainly because of the Winter Olympics, if after the Winter Olympics, people’s enthusiasm for skiing can still “still”?Mr Shoucaijun believes the Winter Olympics are expected to push the ice and snow industry into the “fast lane”.Take a look at the following two examples to get the idea.Take the United States as an example, the United States held the thirteenth Olympic Games in Lake Placid on February 13-24, 1980, during which the United States greatly promoted the development of skiing.Between 1970 and 1979, THE number of U.S. skiers rose from 5.3 million to 50.3 million, a compound growth rate of about 28%.Since then, the DEVELOPMENT of ice and snow industry in the United States has been relatively stable.In general, the holding of the Winter Olympics can not only increase the people’s attention to the snow and ice industry, but also promote the development of other industries, such as tourism, catering, real estate and so on.Taking Japan as an example, the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics also greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the Japanese public for skiing, and at the same time drove a large amount of capital into the skiing industry and its related industries, forming a breakthrough from top to bottom for the skiing industry to drive the economic growth in mountainous areas.Even after Japan’s economic bubble crashed, the ski boom continued until the 18th Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.In addition, the penetration rate of snow and ice sports in China is very low compared with other countries. Taking skiing as an example, the penetration rate (proportion of skiers in the total population) was only 1% in 2019. The penetration rate of traditional skiing powers such as Switzerland is as high as 35%, Japan and the United States are 9% and 8% respectively.On the whole, China’s ice and snow industry will usher in a new round of development with multiple advantages of low penetration rate, rising economic level, people’s living standard and 2022 Winter Olympics.What are the investment opportunities?Entering 2022, a number of international sports events, including the Winter Olympics, The Asian Games and the Universiade, will contribute to China’s strategy of becoming a sports power.Outbreak of scour is domestic sports industry experience, in China’s vast sports consumer base, positive policy escort, digital economy transformation and sports consumption idea to upgrade, the long-term bullish long-term development for the sports industry, sports related to digital economy industry leading enterprises, the national fitness, ice is expected to usher in a new wave of dividends.