Ray Williams: King of the squat, the first man to squat 490kg without equipment

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I used to be a WOW(World of Warcraft) fanatical player, playing the world of warcraft for several years, the favorite occupation is druid, once played wild De (MT) DPS output ranked the top 10 in the country, the most critical, the entire guild in addition to me, other people did not list, I can see how hard to play the game at that time, my slogan is:”If I lose DPS, I will lose!”, pull BOSS pull hard and steady, I am everyone’s favorite MT.You know, it’s not easy to play like this, because you need to make a lot of preparation before hitting a BOSS, such as:Talent, equipment (top, all collected server first druid suit), enchant, full professional BUFF (priest resistance, the mage is blue, small, paw), liquid mixture, the shaman totem, the final output cycle (macro), after the copy, but also to the world of warcraft data platform, the data and then hundreds of guild and DPS data are compared,The ranking (this is the same as power lifting data ranking).In fact, it is similar to power lifting, which is mainly divided into squat, hard pull and bench press. There are three individual world records and three world records in power lifting.Power lift is divided into unequipped and equipped competition, drug-free and drug-tested competition, equipped competition is divided into single-layer vest, multi-layer vest, with tied knee, no tied knee…Anyway, just like the buffs in the game, there are a lot of different.The best world record in a single event is usually set in a fully equipped competition. For example, the current world record for a fully equipped squat is 595 kg (1311.8 lb) set by Nathan Baptist at the Utah Kick Off Meet on February 6, 2021.Ray “Optimus Prime” holds the world record for drug-testing squats without equipment.It was created by Williams, who on March 2, 2019, at the USAPL competition, created the 490kg unequipped squat, which is considered the “king of the natural squat”. He is also the first human to achieve the 490kg unequipped squat.A, ray Williams: wang lei Williams of the squat, was born on September 15, 1986 in the United States Alabama dermot Indianapolis, he grew up in Alabama dermot Indianapolis, from an early age showed good physical quality, especially known for strength and strong body, his brother is a weightlifter.Ray Williams is dermot Indianapolis high school football team leader, he through your strength training of special skills in football and got a degree in the university of Tennessee and he at the university of Tennessee at Martin played football, where his two years in a row was selected as the best defensive player, and in the big four are the sports news as America’s best defensive player.After college, he coached football at Itawamba Community College in Fulton, Mississippi.Ray Williams, height 1.84 meters, weight 181 kilograms (400 pounds), nicknamed “thor”, have “god’s thigh,” he had a lot of other people can’t see the potential and homemade spirit, and help him to break the world record of power, he said: “from scratch when you, when you finally have the opportunity to realize your dream, you will make every effort to attain it.”Williams has been breaking records ever since he entered powerlift competition in 2013 and is known as the “king of squats.”Only in the second game, he created the 860 pounds (390 kilograms) of the United States have no equipment squats record, record since then has been rising, he in the super heavyweight 5 times in a row IPF (federation of international powerlifting) classic original world championships, and in Columbus, Ohio, Arnold professional American championships in winning the championship four times in a row.On October 17, 2016, At the USAPL Nationals, Williams set a world record with an unequipped 1,005 lb (455.86 kg) squat and the first unequipped 1,000 + lb squat in human history.On March 2, 2019, Williams set a new USAPL national record by squatting a record-breaking 1,080 pounds (490 kg, raw/unassisted), and an unofficial IPF world record without equipment and with a drug test.In addition, he also completed his best bench press at 545 pounds (247.5 kg) and best hard pull at 398.5 kg, setting a world record total of 2,452 pounds (1,112 kg).However, his total world record in power lifting was later broken by Daniel Bell, as described in “Daniel the Monster of power Lifting: Trying to lose weight and Break the World Record”.If Ray Williams didn’t have some very special genetic gift, he couldn’t have become so strong. Why is Ray Williams so strong?His body was studied at Mississippi University.Research shows that:At 1.84 meters tall and 181 kilograms, Williams has only 24.3% body fat, which means he has only 44.5 kilograms of pure body fat. His muscle content is very high. Not only is his muscle mass above average, but he also has stronger lower body muscle per kilogram than other athletes of his height.The likely reason is that the density of mitochondria in muscle cells is particularly high.The results showed that Ray Williams was very close to his physiological limits in terms of muscle mass and strength.”Research shows that there is a big difference in both natural forces and trainability — some people train to become bigger and stronger, and some don’t, and Ray is one of the very lucky ones,” said Nucels, the medical scientist.Nuckles also said that a handful of studies have looked at joint degeneration between high-level weightlifters and normal people, and that weightlifting doesn’t seem to wear joints out faster than the natural aging process.So, while most of us can’t squat anywhere near 1,000 pounds, you can still reach your full potential.