How high is the mountain and how wide is the heart

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I like mountain gao Jun, also like climbing.Although very young that kind of not afraid of difficult spirit, didn’t put the mountain in the eyes.Frivolous, how high the heart, how much bravery.After I lost my youth, I always wanted to do something by myself. I was afraid of the mountain. If I could not climb it, I wanted to be discouraged, regretted and quit.But how high the mountain heart how wide, unconvinced.The mountain is still the same mountain, people have changed, age is not allowed to frighten nonsense.Look not high, but climb to the body, is not easy to conquer!Immediately panting, repeatedly wipe the sweat on the forehead.Look at the birds in the mountain climbing, free fall in the middle of the grove, in the chirp chirp, as if laughing at my incompetence.I am sniffy, but also climb what mountain, on the flat ground, don’t be unconvinced.Can I throw in the towel?I am willful and opinionated, and must climb to the top of the mountain to see what changes are in the distant landscape?On the winding stream round the village?Those who heard the demolition, is the river also disappeared?My question is very good, say ah say not over, only to the top of the mountain again.As expected, things have been willing to, the body has been called off, only the empty eye gas.Perhaps I am really not allowed to climb again, it is necessary to shake his legs, holding the bluestone, the foot slope is getting steeper and steeper, the leaves are getting thicker and thicker, the heart is also coming up weak.I wanted to shout, I’m coming, I’m treading.You open your mouth and shut it, and there’s no shame.How high the mountain heart is also wide, to comfort themselves.Come on the line, the mountain can let the heart wide, like the tree straight pine.Long in the rubble, can survive is its ability, stick to its piece of heaven and earth.Who wants to grow here, to have ability, to have skill, even to become it.My heart is relieved, not who can always climb to the top of the mountain, there is no always victorious general, this no rong Zhi move.Time is urging people to grow old, but the heart is not convinced, so strong, energy, balance of heart, solid steps, into the peak of the heart.