Hongmei is lonely and proud, smiling in the cold wind

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The temperature of a few degrees below zero look at plum blossom is what posture although the beginning of spring, Guizhou Qianxi still under the snow.Walk in the creek near binhe Bay to see a few red plum trees, can not help but think of once classmate record on the classmate said, if you want to use a flower to describe me that is plum blossom, indomitable, lonely in the cold wind.In the first two years before my results under the results, all day long hee hee ha ha head inside a mess of things, do not know what is thinking, results in a complete mess.But I grew up the idea of doing the rich inspirational is always exist, big aunt home is the best condition, summer vacation winter vacation to play around with me, give me to buy this buy that, at that time, my little heart has overreached when, after must rich more than the big aunt’s house, and I have the money and take her all beer and skittles, this is the original idea,In the now former and present themselves as brave, I decided to take an examination of the key high school, chongqing bashu middle school is my goal, at the time of the truth seems to be not easy, but I decided I’m going to action, a fill in English and Chinese in the morning and evening for mathematics, first, to make up the educational fight after a semester of my grades breakthrough into the top three in the class,The teacher said that like me on the speed of bashu middle school is no problem, perhaps the story is happening to continue to key middle school, key university all the way through difficulties, achievement of poor family noble son.But the plot is in a novel.There are also one or two in ten thousand, like Xu Xin, a famous entrepreneur, with the same dream as me, but she realized, in her world to realize my dream, she also used to be mediocre naughty, finally she woke up and reached her success.But I did not resist the temptation and difficulty shackles on the way of growth, so that at the age of 30, I am still in the roundabout tactics to achieve my life goal, make money to let the people who love me and the people I love live a good life.The reason why I did not achieve the key middle school, key university, is because I am ignorant, not determined, too little reading and think too much.Knowledge should be accumulated bit by bit, short time sprint is unstable, a little attention will slide very fast.What is important is not the knowledge learned, but the ability to learn knowledge and challenge yourself. As long as you are still alive in life, find the right goal, firm faith and never give up, the worst result is just a late achievement.Thirty is not too naive to pursue your dreams