Xu mother’s tomb, night pearl, Xu Chang Horse shop, how many legendary dance

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A while ago, Liang Yaoguo went back to his hometown in Wuyang, passing through Xu Fan Road about 15 kilometers, and saw a roadside sign erected, reading: Guan Gong’s horse shop.Seeing the name, I immediately knew there must be a story, so I chose a fine winter day and rode there.Would you like to see where Lao Liang went last time?Arriving at the sign, he stopped an old man passing by and asked if the village on the west side was a horse shop.The old man asked me, where are you going to the horse shop?If you’re going to the temple, head west.Along the zhangyu wide village road to the west riding not far, suddenly saw the edge of the site erected a tablet, above impressively write: Xu mother’s tomb.Could the tall tomb not far away be xu’s mother’s tomb?Thinking of this, I quickly got off the cart and walked quickly to the grave in the wheat field.Tomb monument downstairs, embedded with the old monument, the middle of the shadow engraved with a few characters: Han Great sage Xu mother’s tomb.Engraved on the right side: Qing Dynasty Qianlong twenty-one year son Zhongchunyue Auspicious Dan.Tong Jianshi Painter: Zhang Yongxiang Stonemason: Wang ○ Picture below: road sign on xufan Road.After taking photos, walk back, only to see the roadside piece of cultural relic protection tablet back, engraved with the following words: Xu mother’s tomb is located in Jiangliji Town Liu Zhuang village, Xuchang County.Xu mother tomb for the late Han Dynasty and early Wei famous xu concubine mother tomb.According to the Annals of Xuchang County, “Xu Shu, styled yuanzhi, was born in Yingchuan (now Yuzhou) and was a counselor to Liu Bei of The Shu Han Dynasty.According to legend, Cao Cao tricked his mother into granting permission to Xu Shu, who was traveling south with Liu Bei to win the kingdom’s throne. Later, Cao ordered a copy of his mother’s character to write a letter urging Xu Shu to return to Cao.When Xu Shu saw his mother’s letter, he thought it was true. When xu met his mother, xu’s mother scolded her son for being disloyal and unfilial.He hanged himself and was buried there.”The original tomb was 8 meters high and covered an area of 1,000 square meters.In the autumn of 1952, a villager dug a sweet potato cellar next to the tomb. He opened the east gate of the tomb and entered the tomb.The gap of more than three meters, exposing the north and south two doors, can accommodate a person in and out.”Cultural Revolution” was destroyed, the tomb is now the tomb of Han Daxian Xu mother’s tomb, qing Qianlong twenty-one years (1756) engraved.From this, it can be concluded that the tomb really belonged to Xu’s mother.Below: Xu mother’s tomb.In the northwest corner of Xu’s tomb, across a road, is the Hall of resting horses.As soon as I saw the word “Xiemadian” on the gate, I first felt that the name of the temple was strange, and second, I could not help wondering which was right and which was wrong.As the hill was locked and I could not enter, I was forced to knock on the door of a house on the east side of the temple and ask who in the village had the key to the door.Say also coincidentally, the shopkeeper huang Tiezhu just take have.Knowing why I had come, he readily consented to my request to have a look inside.On the way back, Mr. Huang, who is very eloquent, told me the origin of xiema Temple (shop).(If you want to enjoy other excellent works written by Liang Yaoguo, please click on the following link: 1.;This pair of henan couplets can be called the best in the world!Xi Ma Dian is a social name, not the village name.Society, the original meaning refers to the earth god, or the activity of offering sacrifices to the earth god, later extended to a grass-roots administrative unit, but also extended to a collective organization engaged in common activities.Therefore, the past xiema Dian, including Shenzhuang, Li Zhuang, Yang Zhuang, Huang Zhuang, Liu Zhuang, small Xinzhuang, Grate Zhang, Guo Zhuang, Guan Road Song circle thirteen zhuang.Below: Gate of Xiema Palace.By the end of the Later Han Dynasty, Xu Shu had become a great adviser to Liu Bei.Cao Cao loved talent, in order to get Xu Shu, his mother from yuzhou home said please or cheat, anyway, received Xu Chang, three meals a day, let Xu mother list rice spectrum, and then arrange the cook according to the spectrum to do.The reason for this was to imitate Xu’s handwriting.Knowing that Xu Shu was a filial son, Cao Cao soon sent a letter to Xu Shu posing as his mother (the impersonator was Cheng Yu, cao Cao’s adviser, who had also produced Bad ideas) to lure xu To Xu Chang.When Xu Shu left, he recommended Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei, which led to his three visits to the thatched cottage.(I checked, “three Kingdoms · Shu shu · Zhuge Liang Biography” records: when the main tuen Xinye.When Xu Shu saw his master, he said to his master, “The master of Zhuge Kongming is also wolong. How would you like to see him?”The master said, “Come with you.””This man can see, do not yield to also, the general should disregard him in vain.”Xu Shu galloped to Xuchang and met his mother.Xu’s mother looked surprised when she saw her son and asked him why he was working as liu Bei’s adviser.”Xu shu said,” I came here only after receiving your letter.Xu mother said you are so clever, how can be cheated by the treacherous cao Cao.Xu’s mother was so angry that she did not eat or drink. She died a few days later.After xu’s mother died, Cao Cao buried her in a grand funeral 30 li south of the city and west of the tomb of Empress Fu in order to win Xu’s heart.Below: Mr Wong Tie Chu.Cao Cao seemed to have done everything in a humane and righteous way, but in fact it broke xu’s heart. Hence the saying “Xu Shu entered cao’s camp without saying a word”, which has been circulated for thousands of years.Later, Guan Yu drove his chariot with his two concubines to visit Xu’s mother’s grave and rested his horse there.In order to commemorate this event, people built a temple at the place where Guan Yu had rested his horse, and invited guan Yu and the two concubines into the temple to offer sacrifices, so it was named Xiema Temple.Xiema Palace is close to the official road from Xuchang to Nanyang, and then, someone set up shop here to do business, and renamed xiema shop.I interposed, the Temple of the Horse is the Guandi temple, but this name is not only unique, and more commemorative significance.With Mr. Huang into the temple courtyard, under his guidance, I first looked at the west side of the old monument in front of the roll shed.This through the qing Dynasty Jiaqing in the first year (1796) of the stone, engraved with “the restoration of the patriarch Guan Emperor Hongshan Temple Yan Jundian statue of Guan Emperor Xiemadian two emperor niang chariot car and gold make up the temple statues”, the inscription begins so write: Xiemadian, the ancient Xuan Emperor temple also, and the hereditary Guan Gong hanging xu mother, xiemadian in zi, jue after temple and worship duke……The east side of the main hall stele stood in the second year of the Qing Dynasty daoguang (1822), for “the restoration of the Three Immortal Temple and all temple Stele”, stele has such a paragraph: The Temple of the Rest of the horse, Guan Gong stopped can (can, ancient refers to drive in the shaft on both sides of the horse) also, later generations then established the temple, to worship the Lord to also.In ancient times, many temples have been added to the temples.The above two paragraphs of text, fully confirmed what Mr. Huang said.No matter in The Annals of The Three Kingdoms or the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, although there is no record of where Xu’s mother was buried and guan Yu came here with his two concubines to offer condolences, the wild history handed down from the folk is not necessarily false.Below: Guan Gong Dian.Volume shed Zhu Hongming column, write full of praise guan yu couplet: loyalty and eternal both ancient and modern first bravely incomparable upright character of the three star qiankun vital qi dynasties exalt taoyuan sworn liufang loyalty forever and all the people of all ages to admire through the volume tent, into the xiema temple, but is seen in the middle of his awe-inspiring guan yu stands resemble, followed by his mount red hare.On both sides of the couplet content is: Peach garden, worship and lasting sacrificial sages sense of tomb sweeping in the palace of later generations, near the western gable, there was an imitation chariot, sitting on the car two concubines.Later, Mr. Huang took me to the west gable of Xi Ma Dian and pointed to the stele standing against the wall and said, “This stele is well preserved, you copy it first, AND I will come back to my mother with a bowl of rice.”I said the inscription content, later copy, you just go busy.After seeing Mr. Huang leave, I calmed down and transcribed the inscription as follows: The picture below: the old tablet leaning against the western hill wall.Rebuilt Guandi Temple and all temples and gold makeup idol monument xu Yingyang Xiema temple closed emperor Xiema suspension also.The old Emperor temple, the terrain is wide, large scale.And xiu Xuan emperor, celestial, Wenchang, Hongshan, Erlang, three Cao, Guangsheng, vulcan hall, temple appearance magnificent, idol brilliant.Enter the temple audience, brother fu awe-hou worship, linger linger can not go.Fu Guan emperor haoqi plug heaven and earth, faithful guan Sun and moon, gao Yi thin cloud, open and bright, solid has bingyao history.And the candle festival in Xu, for the special.Walk horse small shed in si, for the light temple and worship of appropriate also, and thus worship xuandi gods also.He Zai?Is it the quality of the people? Is it not the wiping?To trace merit and virtue to the people, it is consecrated to them. Therefore, gentlemen are honored by the temple.I do not discuss the construction of the original temple, tablet no stone, its details are not available.Smell and famous in the tablet, some also;Repair, some also.Repair is not the work of one township, nor is it the reason of yi Dynasty yi Xi.Years ago, wind and rain thin erosion, the temple gradually poured PI, god dim light, so not to be rebuilt, why god.Su Look, pray auspicious, and Menghongxiu zai?Fortunately, zhang Junwen can and other good people, witness the feeling of miss cut to rebuild, spin in the village near the good people.That is, the temple yixue, accumulated money, turtle work 庀 material, that the repair of the capital.Also collected foursquare, all good probe benevolence, cuangxiang charity, to prepare gold makeup fee.Within a few months, the temple gradually collapsed and changed.When a god is dark and without light, he is new.Don’t waste predecessors, don’t waste hindsight.After the first shine, do not stop zai.Work is finished, all the good people asked to remember in me, I think about the world, for the former, for the latter.For before, the United States zhang;After promising, sheng si chuan.The restoration of the temple, the speed of the work, but sigh good people, thick concentric.What is the former creation of practice, some people to repair, some people have to repair.There is no one.Remember the tian at the end, le Zhen min, for the future.Xu Xiang-added student Dong Shunan article Xu Xiang-added student Zhang Qigong book Danxu County Confucian chapter Li Quanzhong Zhuan amount of qing Dynasty Daoguang twenty-sixth year (1846) year on the spring 澣糓 Dan li set up this inscription once again pointed out that here is guan Yu “resting horse pause place” this historical fact.As luck would have it, I had just finished when Mr. Huang came back.He took me to the north of a remnant monument, said that this is the Ming Wanli years “Xiema Temple” monument, which clearly records the location of xiema temple.By Mr. Huang’s help, I did not bother to find the text, the above is so said: the state to the south thirty miles, there is a temple yue horse, the world is passed for Guan Zhuang Mu Hou horse……Ancient bai Aung Xiao Shrugged Han, a knowledgeable person said that cover non modern 剏.Because this tablet is weathered badly, and the lower part is missing, so I feel that the inscription will be intermittently copied down, the significance is not much, so give up.Then Mr. Huang took me around the temple and found more than ten Taoist temples. To my surprise, one of them was Xu Mu Hall.The temple of Xu mother as kind, red hanging color, two servant girls stand around.At that time I thought, this may be the only temple in the country to honor Xu Mother.Below: Xu Mu Dian.I entered the temple at eleven in the morning and came out at 1:30 in the afternoon.After lunch, du Guo-yan (83) and Song Yu-chuan (81) chatted in the lee sun outside the temple gate.Hearing that I had come to inquire about the collection of old stories about the Xi Ma Dian, I immediately set the old gentlemen chatting, and they began to talk to complement each other and confirm each other, and told me a lot of new wonders.Listen to our old people say, before the horse temple of the horse model is good, mane and tail disorderly fried, looking mighty, strong.Manifest, see black pull a car, ran to the outside of the wheat field to chew wheat.At first, I didn’t know it was him. I saw little wheat and no cattle.After that, some people found ruts on the ground and followed the ruts until they found that the door of the temple had disappeared. Then they realized that the horse had eaten it.The temple learned of this and built a fence in the temple to prevent it from coming out, so the gnawing did not happen again.A long time ago, when I was going north along the official road from Fancheng Street, I saw a lamp shining in front of me.Walking, approaching the Hall of Resting horses, the lamp suddenly disappeared.Everyone felt strange, but I do not know who lit the lamp.When the Southern Barbarians knew this, they looked here and immediately found that the light was coming from the pearl on the stone tablet.They took advantage of the strong wind to chisel away the pearl.A few days later, people saw a hole cut in the tablet and realized.There were no more lights after that.Below: The former is Song Yuchuan, the latter is Du Guoyan.To the west of Xu’s tomb, there used to be the Xuan Emperor Temple, also known as the South Temple.When I remember, only the northwest corner of the three immortal hall.Xiema Temple in the Xuan Emperor temple in the north, so also called the north temple.At first, the size of the Xiema Temple was smaller than the Xuan Emperor Temple. Along with the worship of Guan Yu as the emperor, people gradually took the temple of the South Temple and began to take the Xiema Temple as the center. The Xuan Emperor, Zu Shi, Wen Chang and other halls were built around it, thus forming the present pattern.Eight road to, pull down the idol, the Xiema Temple to Xuchang County 25 small, we were in school when we were young.The school teachers are very dedicated, the academic performance is always among the best in the county, sports is also famous.Song Yuchuan is on the school basketball team and often goes out to play basketball on behalf of the school.Before liberation, the official road from Xuchang to Fancheng was in the ditch east of Xu mother’s tomb.Around 69 and 70, henan Agricultural College moved to the south of Jiang-Li-ji, and the road from Xuchang to Jiang-li-ji was built.To build the road, we did not go to shen Jian ore stone.She ran fifty to sixty miles to pull a kilo of toads ore stone on a shelf of the car, working herself to death, only earning two or three yuan.However, there was no other way to earn money in the countryside, so they fought for it.After the road from Xuchang to the agricultural college was repaired, the old road became obsolete.Later, and repair xuchang to Fancheng straight road, through the bus, we go into the city more convenient, want to go into the city to lift a leg.Below: The flooded old official road.Liang Yaoguo, now working in Xuchang Real estate transaction and lease Management office, member of Henan Writers Association, henan Essay Society, member of Chinese folk Photography Association.1. 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