What’s it like to spend the New Year in a nursing home?Safety, peace, happiness and health

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“I don’t know who you are but I know who you are for the harvest of autumn for the return of spring wild goose……”Chengdu second social welfare courtyard “red leaf cinema” from the singing.Here is holding a “singing club”, dozens of old people like singing together, singing to welcome the arrival of the New Year.”I’m 85 years old, and I’ve been here for three years,” fu zhaoguo told us after taking a break from his song.What’s it like to spend the New Year in a nursing home?From the old man’s mouth, the reporter got the answer — safety, harmony, happiness, health.Today, there will be a singing event, tomorrow there will be a garden tour, the day after tomorrow there will be a yangko dance, the day after tomorrow is…During the seven days of Spring Festival, Grandpa Fu’s schedule is full.”Look, it’s so rich.I don’t feel lonely spending the New Year with my old friends.”Grandpa Fu said that they had already entered the “Spring Festival time.”Several days before the New Year’s Eve, red lanterns and Chinese knots were hung in the courtyard, and people were organized to write Spring Festival couplets and cut window cuts, filling the small area with the atmosphere of closing the Spring Festival.”And don’t forget about safety and health.”Fu said they attended a democratic meeting organized by the college not long ago, “telling us how to prevent the epidemic during the Spring Festival.”According to chengdu Xu Yanna, vice President of the second social welfare home, according to the epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, combining with the relevant requirements, civil affairs departments to develop guidelines for the epidemic prevention and control at the hospital, to observe the rules and make not to high-risk areas, make personal health monitoring and protection measures such as commitments under the premise of the old man can discharge during the Spring Festival to participate in a family group in the party,Family members can also make appointments to visit the elderly.”For the elderly discharged from hospital, if they return on the same day, nucleic acid reports should be issued upon their return.If the report doesn’t come out in time, you can wait in a special observation area.Of course, we also have professional nursing staff in the viewing area.”Xu Yanna said that for the family members of hospital visits, on the one hand, the implementation of the appointment system, the wrong peak admission;On the other hand, registration management should be strictly implemented, health code and travel code should be issued, body temperature should be measured, activities should be conducted in the designated “green zone”, and trajectory control should be accepted by relevant department personnel.In terms of material management, the hospital has established a management list to strictly document the materials carried by family members and hospital food materials, so as to comprehensively understand where they come from and where they go.In addition, the hospital also specially arranged the route for the garbage truck, so that the truck is not hospitalized to complete the transfer.”Gift packages” will continue to be distributed to prevent and control the epidemic, but also to let the elderly happy Spring Festival.According to the different living conditions and psychological needs of the elderly in different areas, the hospital plans and arranges various activities to enrich the elderly’s holiday life “every day is not the same”.”The New Year atmosphere has already started.At the same time, we arranged for the elderly to have dinner on New Year’s Eve, make dumplings and have video contact with their families.I would go into the room next to each other to understand their needs and give them blessings.”Xu yanna said.”My wife and I will live here in a double room.”Fu said that their daily life is very regular. They start physiotherapy at 5:30, get up at 6, have breakfast at 7, then do morning exercises for half an hour, participate in various interest groups, and have free leisure time after lunch break.He likes walking, taking photos, playing the piano, singing and occasionally playing mahjong.In his words, retirement here is “both regular and enjoyable.””Does your wife usually follow you to activities?”In the face of reporters’ questions, Fu grandpa quickly waved his hand to correct, said with a smile: “Can’t say ‘follow me’ oh.We are co-participants.I played and she sang.Home is where she is.So it doesn’t matter where we celebrate it.”Fu said that there are four generations in the family, and his great-grandchildren are all over one year old.”After much examination, I still think this is a good place.”Talking about why he chose this place, he summarized five advantages: Longquan mountain, the location advantage is good;Rich green plants, excellent environment;Nursing staff professional, good attitude;Diversified activities can meet the spiritual and cultural needs;There is a combination of medical care services, minor illnesses and pain do not worry.”Everything is good here.If we can upgrade the medical equipment and services, so that some elderly people with serious diseases can be treated with surgery on the spot, it will be even better.”Grandpa Fu spoke his wish sincerely.The reporter understands from the civil affairs bureau, at present, the city’s endowment institutions shall manage the normalized epidemic prevention and control, to consider due to the outbreak of fujian association of foreign languages and more distributed, go back to rong personnel increase, to effectively avoid infection, before and after the Spring Festival holiday pension agency personnel to fully two nucleic acid detection, go to old man during the Spring Festival holiday, people visit made relevant requirements,To ensure the elderly safe, healthy and happy holidays.In the future, “gift packages” will be gradually released. For example, the construction of home care beds will enjoy a subsidy of up to 5,000 yuan.35 subdistrict level community elderly service complexes will be built;Health records for people aged 65 and above, etc.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Miao Mengyu editor Li Min proofread Wang Ling