The police report

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The police reported that on March 23, during the epidemic prevention and control work of our county, huang, the contact person who confirmed COVID-19 positive at the initial screening, did not take the initiative to report to the village group (community) where he lived after returning to Jing, and deliberately concealed his travel schedule when he was screened by government staff, which brought risks to the epidemic prevention and control work of the county.At present, Huang mou and its secondary close contact personnel Tan mou has been transferred to centralized isolation point for centralized isolation, Huang mou and Tan mou first round of nucleic acid test results are negative.Public security authorities have been involved in the investigation because Huang violated relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control.The police reminded the public to strictly abide by relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and those returning from other places should report to epidemic prevention departments or communities (villages) in advance, and cooperate with centralized quarantine, home quarantine, nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures to jointly maintain the epidemic prevention and control order of the county.The public security organs will investigate the legal responsibility of those who fail to report or intentionally conceal their travel plans, cause risks of spreading the epidemic, or even fabricate or intentionally spread false information about the epidemic.Jingan County Public Security Bureau on March 26th, 17th, 2022 nanchang Evening News launched the mask sending activity to give everyone 500,000 masks for free!All you have to do is click your finger to get 200 masks delivered to your home!A total of 2500 friends can win prizes!Long press the QR code to make an appointment!(Everyone can make an appointment once!)Long press recognition, reply “epidemic” two characters to see the nanchang latest outbreak data source | JingAn public security main edit | callie issue | zhang ning