The new CBA pattern is coming!Three upstart crazy stir, liao And Guangdong championship pressure, Yao Ming this high

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At present, the CBA regular season has all come to an end, with the clubs fighting so far, the 12 teams entering the playoffs are actively preparing for the next opponent, it is puzzling that the defending champion guangdong men’s basketball team, which has won three consecutive titles, seems to be completely unable to find the state of attack and defense this season;The big brother Yi Jianlian is suffering from Achilles tendon problems, and Du Feng is also under great pressure. He has to think about not only guangdong’s current lineup, but also the future of the national team. Therefore, there is nothing to say about the decline of Guangdong’s record, while other clubs are making progress, Guangdong is still in the same spot.Let’s take a look at the three upstarts, Shanghai men’s basketball team, Zhejiang men’s basketball team and Guangzhou men’s basketball team. Just because these three teams stir up the competition in the CBA League, it makes the competition more fierce.Once upon a time, the two teams in Liaoning and Guangdong could not find a rival in the local league, in order to equal the score, each team is reinforcing the lineup;In particular, Shanghai men’s basketball team, after getting Wang Zhelin, Li Chunjiang’s arrival will undoubtedly add a greater championship chip team.Therefore, from the current point of view, the defending champion Guangdong men’s basketball team this season can win the championship draw on the question number, from the record, Since 2003, Guangdong has been 19 consecutive seasons in the regular season top four results to advance to the playoffs, and won the championship of 11 seasons in 19 seasons, become the king without a title;However, from the point of view of the present, because of yi jianlian’s injury and age, foreign players due to injury instability, young players too comfortable, this is the cause of guangdong’s decline.Obviously, Guangdong is the underdog this season, but this team is still not to be underestimated, after all, the championship heritage and tournament experience, this team is the most terrible place in the playoffs.This season, the performance of the liaoning men’s basketball team has been very well, it’s a pity because pg in the regular season games, to make Mr. Violations did not attend the conference after the game, the liaoning basket no gains in the regular season individual awards, it is also the CBA first team ranked first in the league in recent years, under the condition of no honor individual events,It’s no wonder fans think liao Was targeted.However, it is certain that nowadays, in addition to the liao and Guangdong two teams have the strength to compete for the key, Shanghai men’s basketball, Zhejiang men’s basketball and Guangzhou men’s basketball and other teams have the strength to compete for the championship, which is also a new reform of the Chinese basketball Association.For example, Yu Jiahao joined Zhejiang, Zhang Zhenlin joined Liao Basketball and so on. More overseas players returned to CBA League, bringing more variables to the league.Now the CBA league is not a three-horse race, but more about working hard to win the championship. What do you think of it?If you have a different opinion, please leave it in the comments section. Double click to follow wang next door. Thank you for your support!