“The world” let a man wanton look at her daughter, Zheng mother’s three practices, seemingly vicious but helpless

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“Worldly” let a man wanton see a daughter, zheng mother’s 3 practice, be like be vicious actually but the encounter of Zheng Juan lets a person sympathize with really, a young girl takes blind younger brother and aged mother to beg for a living, to take care of them to become black market population.Because beautiful was targeted by the rogue, finally raped pregnant, can only find a man to take over their own.It is not easy to meet a woman who marries himself, but he is finally killed by a bad man. He returns to his former life with his brother and mother, even worse than before, after all, there is no baby in the belly before.The most impressive is Zheng Juan’s mother, a typical rural mother, whose “caustic” attitude toward her daughter also surprised the audience.In fact, Zheng Juan and brother is picked up, not zheng mother, she zheng Juan these three practices look like malicious but helpless.A, let the man wanton see daughter daughter should understand that kind of mood, for fear of their daughter was remembered by men, so they taught their words and deeds to be decent, for fear of being bad, rogue thinking.Slightly close to the male, will ask the bottom, afraid of what happened.This is the more open era, let alone in that traditional era.At that time, the reputation of girls was higher than everything. Any girl who lost her innocence could not get married and was even laughed at. Therefore, a man had to be responsible for which girl he slept with.In those traditional times, women had to dress appropriately and not show their arms or legs, otherwise they would be criticized.However, when Zhou Bingkun looked at wearing a little dew, Zheng mother was a smile, not only did not have any unhappy, it seems very happy to let the man see light their daughter.Two, choreographed daughter Zheng mother told Zhou Bingkun: Zheng Juan shameless, did not marry Tu Zhiqiang sleep, so unmarried pregnancy.However, according to Zheng Juan’s view, the child in her stomach is not Tu Zhiqiang’s, but not yet married with someone else sex, she was raped is involuntary.Zheng Juan said so, like a little deliberately arranged his daughter, of course she did not know the truth is also, but did not know the situation is a little like arrangement.Maybe Zheng’s mother said so for other reasons, such as wanting Chow to take over his daughter, so she said so.If Zhou Bingkun so can accept Zheng Juan, and good to her, that oneself also rest assured.Zhou Bingkun first went to send money was Zheng Juan out, because she knew who sent the money, but she did not want to accept those people’s money, because this is her final outcome of dignity.Zheng Juan in front of zheng mother did not say anything, but she eventually chased out of the eyes, even for thirty dollars three times five times kneel.The daughter resolutely does not want the mother to chase down to kneel to ask for money, Zheng mother as if trampling on the dignity of her daughter, trample her face to the ground.If you look at zheng’s mother’s three practices, she must feel very vicious, against his daughter.It may be said that she is not her own child, so she is not taken seriously, but that is not the case.Look like zheng mother these three practices are adverse to the daughter, but she is helpless.Just think of her as an old lady with a blind son and a heavily pregnant daughter. What can she do?Zheng mother do so is nothing but want to let the family have to eat and wear, hope to have a good man to take care of his daughter, this is when she saw Zhou Bingkun to see her daughter straight eyes, the in the heart of joy.Not Zheng mother want his daughter how how, but she knew that Zhou Bingkun is a good man, if her daughter can be good with him, in the future will be happy.Although they are not born to Zheng’s mother, it is clear that she loves them very much, otherwise she would not have lived with them like this.