Spring usually begins around March 10 in Wuhan, and the cold solar term continues

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In the past two days, snow was still falling in Wuhan. On the weekend, the weather turned better and the temperature rose to a certain degree. It became a cloudy home ground.Rain throttle after the high temperature gradually recovered yet minimum temperatures continue downturn sooner or later go out feel some cold weather warm still need to pay attention to the royal warm wind according to the municipal meteorological departments the latest weather forecast in wuhan next week the temperature will gradually warming affected by high volatility east 22 after a weak rainfall process occurred 24 solstice 26 back to sunny weather will rise to the highestWeather forecast for wuhan in the next three days above 11°C Since February, the weather continues to be wet, cold and depressed, rarely seeing sunshine.Why rain, rain and snow weather in recent half months?City meteorological experts believe that the main reason is that the adjustment of upper air circulation constantly weak cold air southward influence the local and the stability of the south trough brings better water vapor conditions leading to more frequent rain and sleet weather when everything germinating is spring really coming?After the start of spring and rain, the day is getting longer and the sun is warming. The general trend of climate is changing from cold to warm and everything is stirring. But all this is just the prelude of spring.Actually otherwise because wuhan spring all the year round in March 10 or so on February 11, wuhan last year in the spring “, “New Year’s eve the day belongs to come early spring spring most of the time until march to the plum blossom brilliant turmeric bloom the charming eyes at this time of the” world “is in a bitter” ‘” and “pretty” in the river ice,Big YanBei to branches open flowers dance of the early spring message 2, the plum blossom in March every year into full bloom stage to say the most recent fire reward plum to mentioning bamboo sea park is located in the park and along the bamboo sea park, a large red, white, plum flower open bright flowers in a fluctuant hillside stereo effect is very obviously for photos attracted many citizens, photo and videoAt the same time, 180,000 tulips are on display in Liberation Park in joyous red, warm yellow, or atmospheric pink, whichever way you take it, it looks like a filter at the end of the week. Blooming flowers are worth living