Jinan Hongyang Plaza was fined 250,000 yuan

2022-05-21 0 By

A few days ago, Jinan city administration bureau issued administrative penalty publicity, ji ‘nan Hongyang commercial management Co., Ltd. because of the change of the original fire design, decoration project completed without the provisions of the fire acceptance that put into use, was fined 250,000 yuan.Jinan Hongyang Plaza project, with a total investment of 600 million yuan, covers shopping plaza, hotel, office and other business forms, creating a large urban complex integrating culture (cultural and creative), tourism, shopping, entertainment, food and so on. It will be put into operation on December 24, 2021.Jinan Hongyang Square is a strong combination of Jinan Urban Construction Group and Hongyang Group, which not only broadens their respective development fields, but also conforms to the general trend of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity. Jinan Hongyang Square is bound to become a model of “culture + industry” integration.Jinan hong Yang square has obvious geographical advantages, the heart of the district is located in jinan west railway station, jinan western gate of intersection of the cultural corridor with “culture and city symbiotic” for the idea, positioning to make “city humanistic living room, cultural landmark”, after the completion of the cultural center of the three phase ii will be on the issue of culture and art center distance,Together, we will leave lasting cultural memories for regional development and local people.(Source: Website of Jinan City Administration Bureau) Editor: Zhao Shanshan